Trump’s Favorability Rises Post-Verdict, ABC News Poll Shows


Former President Donald Trump has experienced a notable increase in favorability following his recent guilty verdict in a high-profile case. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, Trump’s favorability rose by six points immediately after a Manhattan jury found him guilty on all charges related to a payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

This verdict, which includes 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, has had a polarizing effect on public opinion.

The poll indicates that 22% of respondents now view Trump more favorably post-verdict, compared to 16% who have a more negative view.

For a significant portion of voters, however, their views remained unchanged, with 27% holding a favorable view and 32% holding an unfavorable view regardless of the verdict.

The trial's outcome and subsequent media coverage have solidified Trump's support among his base, with many of his supporters viewing the conviction as politically motivated.

This sentiment has translated into a surge in campaign donations, with Trump's campaign reportedly raising over $34 million from small-dollar donors shortly after the verdict was announced.

Trump's ability to galvanize his supporters despite legal setbacks underscores his resilience and influence within the Republican Party.

This rise in favorability highlights the complex dynamics at play in American politics, where legal controversies can sometimes enhance a politician's standing among their supporters, reflecting deep partisan divides and the contentious nature of contemporary political discourse.


  1. DemonRATS have always attracted the most ignorant of the population. The ones that need the most “gubmint help” just to stay alive. The ones that find it impossible to think for themselves so need to be led by the nose ring. I believe that the demonRATS game of continuous lying has finally caught up with them. The last large poll I saw was today 69% of those polled believe the 2020 election was rigged and the rigging started even before Trump was inaugurated. As more and more states are releasing reports of their own investigations the numbers keep rising. Now what is needed is trials to convict and punish at least the leaders of the rigging. We know who they are. Their names have been plastered all over the media for years now. Election tampering IS A FEDERAL CRIME.

  2. EVERYONE needs to Vote for President Trump in the November 2024 Election. He will Close the Border and initiate the Apprehension of as many of the 10 Million Illegals as possible and SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM. This time if they want to migrate “Legally” they will have to follow “OUR RULES” before they will be allowed in. President Trump will unshackle Our Oil Industry, Selectively Deregulate Industries, Restore our Economy, Restore LAW AND ORDER, Restore United States Standing in the World, Restore Peace in the World, Balance the National Budget, Save Social Security, He will Restore Our Military (Again), And Undo All of Bidens Stupid Policies that have Severely Damaged Our Country. We Must Pull Together and Support President Trump for Our Children’s sake, And our Country’s Sake. God Bless The USA.


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