Texas Reports 74% Decrease in Illegal Border Crossings Due to Operation Lone Star


Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office has announced a significant 74% reduction in illegal border crossings since the implementation of Operation Lone Star. Launched in March 2021, this multi-agency initiative has focused on securing the Texas-Mexico border through a comprehensive strategy involving the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas National Guard.

Operation Lone Star has led to over 513,700 illegal immigrant apprehensions and more than 44,000 criminal arrests, including over 38,600 felony charges.

Additionally, law enforcement has seized over 489 million lethal doses of fentanyl, highlighting the operation's impact on curbing drug trafficking into the United States​​.

Texas DPS Colonel Steve McCraw testified before the state Senate Committee on Border Security, emphasizing the success of the operation despite its high costs.

The program has cost Texas taxpayers approximately $11 billion, largely spent on deploying thousands of DPS troopers and National Guard soldiers to the border. The state has also invested in technology, including drones, to enhance border surveillance.

The reduction in illegal crossings is seen as a response to what Texas officials describe as federal inaction on border security. Governor Abbott has been vocal about the perceived gaps in federal policies, arguing that state-level initiatives are crucial for maintaining security and preventing illegal immigration.

Critics, however, argue that the operation is an expensive and punitive measure. Organizations such as Every Texan have criticized the extensive funding allocated to Operation Lone Star, suggesting that it makes conditions more dangerous for immigrants without addressing the root causes of migration​​.

Despite these criticisms, the reported decrease in illegal crossings indicates a significant shift in border enforcement outcomes. As debates continue over the best approaches to border security, Texas remains committed to its strategy under Operation Lone Star, aiming to further reduce illegal immigration and enhance safety along the southern border​.


  1. That group worried about the Safety of the “Illegal” Immigrants, what about the safety of Texas citizens, you jerk?

  2. Maybe Home land Security would like to point our their successes and explain why Biden is suing Texas for doing their job. This report needs splashed all over MSM – but won’t be.


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