Olbermann Leads Liberal Meltdown Against CNN, Calls to ‘Burn It Down’ After Biden’s Performance


Keith Olbermann, the outspoken liberal commentator, sparked a wave of backlash against CNN following a controversial segment about President Joe Biden's age. The incident unfolded after CNN anchor Abby Phillip suggested that both major political parties might benefit from nominating younger candidates, echoing sentiments expressed by Republican Nikki Haley​​.

Olbermann, known for his fiery rhetoric, took to social media to express his outrage, accusing CNN of being a "disaster" and criticizing Phillip for her remarks. He described the segment as an "absolute disaster" and called for the network to be dismantled​. This outburst is the latest in a series of heated reactions from Olbermann, who has often been critical of media coverage that he perceives as unfavorable to liberal viewpoints.

In a particularly intense tweet, Olbermann suggested that if the Supreme Court grants former President Donald Trump a controversial immunity, President Biden should use the same power to arrest the justices and cancel the upcoming election​​. This extreme statement highlights the depth of Olbermann's frustration and his willingness to propose radical measures in response to what he sees as threats to democracy.

CNN's decision to re-air episodes of Bill Maher's "Real Time" also drew Olbermann's ire. He criticized the move as a desperate attempt to boost ratings, which he believes will not succeed due to the lack of fresh and insightful content. Olbermann suggested that CNN's strategy was flawed and indicative of the network's ongoing struggles​​.

This meltdown is not an isolated incident. Olbermann has a history of explosive reactions to political and media developments. Earlier this year, he lashed out at the Supreme Court's decision to keep Trump on the ballot, even criticizing liberal justices for their role in the ruling. His calls to dissolve the Supreme Court altogether were met with both ridicule and concern, underscoring his contentious relationship with institutional authorities​​.

The backlash against Olbermann's comments has been swift. Critics have labeled his reactions as over-the-top and indicative of a broader issue within liberal media circles. The exchange with Phillip, in particular, has been highlighted as an example of the deep divisions within the media landscape regarding how to address the ages of leading political figures​ ​.

As the 2024 election approaches, the debate over the suitability of older candidates like Biden and Trump is likely to intensify. Olbermann's outbursts reflect a broader frustration among some liberals who feel that the media is not adequately supporting their preferred candidates. However, his extreme suggestions and aggressive tone may alienate potential allies and further polarize the discourse.

In conclusion, Keith Olbermann's latest tirade against CNN and his radical proposals highlight the intense emotions and deep divisions within the liberal media. As the political landscape continues to evolve, such fiery rhetoric will likely remain a contentious and polarizing force.



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