Infamous Looter and Social Media Influencer ‘Meatball’ Learns Her Fate in Philadelphia Courtroom


In a dramatic courtroom appearance, Dayjia Blackwell, known as "Meatball" on social media, faced the consequences of her involvement in last year's chaotic looting in Philadelphia. The 21-year-old influencer was arrested after live-streaming herself encouraging and participating in the looting of several stores, including Foot Locker and Apple, during a night of widespread unrest.

Blackwell was charged with six felonies, including burglary, conspiracy, and criminal mischief, along with two misdemeanors. Authorities identified her as a ringleader of the looting spree that saw dozens of businesses vandalized and robbed. The social media-driven crime wave was part of a flash mob-style event that involved over 70 individuals, many of whom have also been charged.

Philadelphia's Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford condemned the actions of the looters, describing them as "opportunists" who exploited the situation for personal gain. He emphasized that the behavior was criminal and unrelated to earlier peaceful protests over the dismissal of murder charges against former police officer Mark Dial.

The court set Blackwell's bail at $25,000, which she posted shortly after her arrest. However, the severity of the charges against her highlights the city's determination to crack down on such lawlessness. Mayor Jim Kenney and other officials have stressed the importance of holding those responsible accountable to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Blackwell's case has drawn significant media attention, not only due to her social media presence but also because it underscores the growing influence of digital platforms in facilitating and amplifying criminal activities. The events in Philadelphia serve as a stark reminder of the potential for social media to be used for both positive and negative purposes.

As Blackwell awaits further court proceedings, the city of Philadelphia continues to deal with the aftermath of the looting spree. Business owners are rebuilding and recovering from the damages, while law enforcement remains vigilant to prevent a recurrence of such events.

The case against Blackwell and her co-defendants will likely set a precedent for how similar incidents are handled in the future.

This incident also raises broader questions about the role of social media influencers and their responsibility to their audiences. With a large following comes significant influence, and the misuse of this platform for inciting criminal behavior has serious consequences. Blackwell's actions and subsequent arrest serve as a cautionary tale for others in the digital age.


  1. Not any way near to the punishment she deserves. 15 to 25 would be more appropriate. Must have been a snowflake Soros DA. I can see all of this changing after Nov. Soros needs to be Investigated for Treason and Conspiracy. These POS’s are getting their funding, Support, and Directions from somewhere, just like the Staged Brick Piles dropped of in City Locations During the Riots. It takes money to do that kind of Evil Shit. Every one of these people should spend time behind bars.

  2. Must have been a demonRAT judge & jury. This little slap on he wriet is an insult to every law abiding citizen in Pennsylvania.

  3. Six violent felonies, two misdemeanors, thousands of dollars in property damage and numerous businesses destroyed and all she gets is 5 years probation. WTF There are J6 participants still in prison for far less crimes. The Police Officers involved in this case must be outraged.


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