Archbishop Viganò Faces Unjust Persecution for Upholding Traditional Catholic Values


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a prominent figure aligned with traditional Catholic teachings and supporter of former President Trump, is facing persecution by the Vatican. Accused of schism and rejecting Pope Francis's legitimacy, Viganò's staunch opposition to the liberal reforms of the Second Vatican Council has made him a target.

He compares the current pontificate to a metastasizing cancer, arguing that modernism, liberalism, and globalism have infiltrated and weakened the Church.

Viganò's views echo those of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who similarly opposed Vatican II. Viganò believes Francis's leadership represents a severe rupture from traditional Catholicism, accusing the Pope of heresy and tyrannical governance. His critique of Francis is the harshest from any high-ranking clergyman, underscoring a profound ideological and theological divide within the Church.

Despite his controversial stance, Viganò remains a respected figure for his dedication to Church teachings. His tenure as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States earned him high praise, even from those who now distance themselves from him. The Archbishop’s critical turn against Francis intensified after exposing the sexual crimes of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, accusing the Vatican of a cover-up.

Viganò’s persecution mirrors broader political struggles, likening his situation to that of Trump facing a weaponized justice system. He views the current spiritual battle as a reflection of societal divisions, framing it as a fight between good and evil. His defense of traditional values stands against the liberal globalist agenda, which he believes seeks to undermine the Church and society.

In his 2020 letter to Trump, Viganò warned of a "deep church" mirroring the "deep state," betraying its spiritual duties. He criticizes the New World Order’s liberalism and moral relativism, suggesting a grand conspiracy against traditional Christian values. Viganò’s situation is seen as part of a larger effort by globalists to silence dissenting voices within the Church.

The persecution of Viganò is reminiscent of historical church martyrs like St. Thomas More, who faced unjust trials for defending truth and tradition. Viganò’s steadfastness in the face of Vatican pressure is seen as a call to awaken the Church to its doctrinal errors. His martyr-like stance aims to preserve the Church’s true teachings against modernist deviations.

In conclusion, Archbishop Viganò’s ordeal is a significant episode in the ongoing struggle between traditionalism and modernism within the Catholic Church. His unwavering commitment to truth and tradition, despite facing severe repercussions, underscores the deep ideological rifts and the critical need for spiritual renewal. His persecution by the Vatican is not just a personal trial but a battle for the soul of the Church.


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