Woke Lawlessness Reigns Supreme as Women Axed for Confronting Lululemon Robbers

The far left’s quest to shatter America by creating widespread lawlessness, chaos, and sheer demoralization might be winning.

Absurdities unimaginable in this nation barely a few years ago keep popping up. That’s including, most recently, a case in which upscale retailer Lululemon axed two female employees because they confronted a gang of thugs robbing the store and “dared” to call the police.

Marxist Plague Advancing in America’s Body

Apparently, Lululemon is among the many corporate giants who are impudently imposing wokeness, hence aiding and abetting nasty criminals robbing their own stores.

That idiotic collaboration seems to include a quest to put down any citizens who wish to fight crime, stand up to robbers, and defend whatever is left of law and order.

Lululemon’s support for criminals certainly involves cracking down on citizens. It bluntly and abruptly terminated two employees of one of its Atlanta stores. That’s because the employees yelled at the robbers not to steael from the store and then called the police!

Obviously, the left trying to obliterate this nation isn’t just about “defunding” the police, but it is also about making them obsolete by “not calling” them.

The incident, which the two employees – Rachel Rogers and Jennifer Ferguson – managed to film, occurred over two weeks ago in Atlanta’s Peachtree Corners, The National Review reports.

The video shows four gangster robbers snatching up luxury clothes – likely to sell them on the black market, calling the two women “b*tches” and leaving.

They Are ‘Teaching’ Us Not to Call the Police

The same group of thugs reported robbed the Lululemon store close to a dozen times before the latest incident.

Rogers and Ferguson also called the Gwinnett Police Department, but that was a violation of Lululemon’s pro-crime corporate policy of not interfering with thugs in any way whatsoever.

The two former employees actually didn’t even speak out about the insanity of their former employer, but the entire case was revealed online in a Facebook post by Ferguson’s outraged husband.

Jason Ferguson declared he couldn’t stand idly by and was making the post without his wife’s knowledge.

As he managed to blow the case wide open, a Lululemon spokesperson told the New York Post that the corporation did indeed have a “zero-tolerance policy” for any employees who try to prevent crime.