Woke “Bureaucrat” Prayed For High Gas Prices

A woke official of the State Department celebrated and wished for higher gas prices so Americans could make a transition toward green energy.

However, Americans, who are done with paying staggering amounts for gas, slammed him on Twitter, which forced him to delete his Twitter account.

Woke Employee Celebrated High Gas Prices

On Friday, Alan Eyre, a longtime employee of the State Department, tweeted he “prefer(s) high gas prices,” as it results in “less driving, reduced CO2.”

He tweeted this in response to President Biden’s post, in which Biden stated Americans are now paying lower gas prices, compared to the peak days when prices were relatively higher.

Eyre, who deleted his Twitter account after the backlash, described himself as a “bureaucrat” in his Twitter bio.

A Republican congressional candidate from California, Ron Bassilian, dubbed Eyre a “ghoul,” stating higher gas prices are “inelastic” to more climate spending.

However, Eyre disagreed with these comments, stating gas prices are not “inelastic.” He further added the 1970 oil embargo helped the world make a transition toward renewable energy, so more restrictions can also assist America in doing the same this time.

Other Americans also blasted the self-described “bureaucrat” on Twitter.

An angry user tweeted that government officials like Eyre use taxpayers’ money to fill their gas tanks, so they do not care if their monthly gas bill reaches $1,000 per month.

Another user wrote Eyre is out of touch with Americans, as he is in “one of the militias of Biden Bureaucrats.”

Similarly, another American made an analogy between Eyre’s comments and the swamp, noting these types of beliefs suggest the “swamp needs to be drained” immediately. 

According to one Twitter user, unelected bureaucrats should be forced to swim on their next European trip so they can contribute to fewer carbon emissions.

One user noted “irrational, out-of-touch jerks” like Eyre should realize China is building at least one coal-fired power plant per day while America is continuously ignoring it.

Top Dems Out of Touch With Americans

These remarks of Eyre are in line with other Democrats who find the high gas prices to be an opportunity to push their partisan agenda.

For instance, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently told Congress the pain due to gas prices should encourage the government to subsidize electric vehicle purchases.

Buttigieg stated not every American can afford to buy an electric car, so Congress needs to incentivize these purchases.

When Republican Congressman Scott Perry pressed the secretary and told him an EV at Kelley Blue Book costs $55,000, Buttigieg insisted some of the modern-day cars can be purchased for almost $26,000.

Many analysts are projecting a recent decline in gas prices suggests a possible economic recession. Americans are spending less money on gas even though traditional driving season is at its peak.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.