WHO Declared Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox disease a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

Now, the Biden administration is also looking to declare a public emergency on monkeypox, which can bring more government-funded vaccination drives for Americans across the country.

Monkeypox Outbreak Now a Global Health Emergency

According to the director-general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the monkeypox disease is rapidly growing; more than 16,000 cases have been reported in almost 75 countries now.

While Tedros declared it a medical emergency, he also stated the disease is common “among men who have sex with men,” particularly those people who have multiple sexual partners.

So, the chief added this outbreak can be stopped by using the “right strategies in the right groups.”

Similarly, Tedros also encouraged countries to adopt measures for homosexual men to protect their “heath, human rights, and dignity” at the same time.

In addition to that, the director general stated the world is occupied with all the tools necessary to combat this rising disease and to bring the outbreak under control.

One study has established that almost 98% of infected people are gay or bisexual men, while 75% of them are white. Similarly, 41% of them had an immunodeficiency virus infection, as per the study.

The WHO has suggested it “expects” to have more cases of monkeypox in non-endemic countries.

However, the spread can be curbed by giving accurate and timely information to those who are most vulnerable to the risk, WHO added.

Health workers and cleaners, according to WHO, will be on the frontlines of fighting the disease, so the organization will provide “more technical recommendations” in the upcoming days.

More Forced Vaccinations For Americans?

For a long time, monkeypox remained concentrated in some Central and Western African countries, but its outbreak to the whole world was largely unknown until May.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already reported 2,891 cases of orthopoxvirus and monkeypox in the US; most of them are present in New York.

While monkeypox is not as contagious as coronavirus, health experts warn people to avoid contact with the skin lesions or bodily fluids of already infected animals, humans, and even with physical objects contaminated with the virus.

Meanwhile, US health officials are also looking forward to introducing public health emergencies in the United States over the rising concerns about monkeypox.

White House COVID response coordinator Ashish Jha stated the Biden administration is striving hard to tackle monkeypox; it can even consider implementing a public health emergency for the disease.

Reportedly, the White House is planning to introduce more vaccines at a time when Americans are still recovering from the compulsive COVID vaccinations.

According to three officials of the Biden administration, the White House is pouring in almost $140 million in monkeypox vaccination research projects.