White House: No Specific Timeline For Baby Formula Availability

The White House is clueless about the ongoing shortage of baby formula, which is making millions of children suffer all over the country. When asked when can parents expect the formula to be available, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t give the exact time.

White House Clueless Regarding Baby Formula Shortage 

Jean-Pierre was asked about the availability of baby formula during her flight to Japan, where President Biden will attend a QUAD meeting. 

Responding to the query, the secretary claimed the president is well aware of the prevailing crisis, which is impacting families nationwide.

She further indicated the White House wants children to adopt a healthy way of eating.  

The administration is aware of the fact that baby formula is one of the only ways to give a healthy lifestyle to children, Pierre added.

However, the press secretary also stated she could not give anyone the exact timeline of the availability of the formula, even after Biden’s attempt to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA).

This uneasy statement of the press secretary comes as many babies landed in hospitals, due to the chronic shortage of the formula.

Hospitalizations Due to Lack of Baby Formula

Last week, President Biden finally acknowledged the severity of the shortage, following multiple weeks since the beginning of the crisis.

He later invoked the DPA. This will allow manufacturers to ramp up the production while allowing the country to import the formula under “Operation Fly Formula.”

The press secretary also stated last week that a military plane will carry over 78,000 pounds of specialty infant formula to fill almost half a million bottles.

She then bragged about the Biden administration, claiming the shipment of formula from Europe to the U.S. typically takes two weeks. This is now made possible in under three days.

While the first plane landed in America on Sunday, another military flight will bring formula to the country on Wednesday. 

Once these planes land in the United States, the formula will be tested like all other imported food items.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Abbott Laboratories, which has a monopoly in manufacturing baby formula, apologized to the nation for the chronic shortage of the formula.

Robert Ford, the CEO, wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post, claiming his company is trying hard to ensure these sorts of crises never happen again.

According to Ford, the crisis started once federal health officials found a deadly bacteria in the formula. This encouraged the government to seal a plant that was contributing 25% of American baby formula.

Abbott also repented over the hospitalization of the children. He stated seeing children in hospitals, due to the shortage of the formula, is “tragic and heartbreaking.”

Dr. Mark Corkins in Memphis, Tennessee, noted he had never seen anything like this. The doctor was treating a toddler who had been hospitalized due to the shortage of formula.