What’s Behind the Far Left’s Push to Ban Gas Stoves?

The far-left biased media called conservatives conspiracy theorists months ago when they said Biden planned to ban gas stoves. Now, it’s actually starting to happen. I’d say there’s a good chance you’re about to eat cold food.

From Crazy Theory To Stone Cold Fact

Biden’s extremist green plan is well known and far from a conspiracy. In a few days, New York will implement a law that prohibits the use of gas stoves in all new buildings.

That’s right! It turns out the “conspiracy” from the right was actually just a warning of what was coming. Longer term, the Biden administration will be able to ban up to 50 percent of gas stoves across the U.S.

In February of this year, Energy Wire released a statement, saying the Department of Energy (DOE) rule will outlaw half of the current gas stove models.

According to a recent analysis by the DOE, around half of currently owned stoves will not comply with the new kitchen appliances law.

Rewiring America

Not long ago, after her Georgia election defeat, far-left lunatic Stacey Abrams took a position at an environmental group that is promoting a ban on the use of gas stoves.

The environmental group is named Rewiring America. It is focused on the use of electricity for the entire community. Abrams wants gas gone from everywhere including our homes, supposedly for the good of the environment.

Another point, that Abrams and the environmental group advocate, is the stimulation of the Inflation and Jobs Reduction Act while making the shift to “clean energy.”

The Bottom Line

This may be starting in New York, but it’s going to soon be everywhere. While CNN and MSNBC were mocking conservatives and the New York Times was calling these claims baseless, they were either ignorant or lying.

Of course, there will be no apology. Once again, these lying propagandists will belittle the right even though conservatives were right again!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.