WH Correspondent Attempts Remove Biden From His Son

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

John Harwood, a White House correspondent of liberal media channel CNN, is trying to untie Joe Biden from his son Hunter Biden’s controversy.

According to him, there is “zero evidence” Joe Biden is associated with his son’s corruption in any way.

CNN liberal correspondent tried to defend Biden

Hunter Biden is making headlines these days for all the wrong reasons; liberal pundits are up for defending Joe Biden during his son’s controversy.

Thus, John Harwood indicated the president did not do “anything wrong” in his son’s case. Hunter Biden himself acknowledged in December 2020 that his “tax affairs” were under scrutiny. 

The New York Times explained the situation even further, as it published Hunter’s scandal at great length. However, Harwood’s acknowledgment of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing is still a silver lining in the cloud, even though he is trying to save the president. 

According to him, it is clear that Hunter was trying to capitalize on the authority of his father, who was the vice president back then.

Even though Hunter tried to trade on his father’s name, Joe Biden never involved himself in the controversy during all of this, the correspondent added. 

Harwood was among many other liberal journalists who downplayed Hunter Biden’s laptop story at the time when it was first published.

Instead, he attacked then-President Trump, stating he was propagating Russian disinformation in the country.

As the correspondent tried to defend the president, he began mocking material on various fronts. Tom Elliot, a founder of Grabien media, labeled him “W.H. spox.”

Similarly, Jim Hanson, a military veteran and an author called Harwood’s comments a “damn lie.”

A journalist named Jeff Carlson stated the evidence of Biden’s involvement in his son’s controversy could be shared.

Another journalist, Jon Levine of the New York Post, indicated a leaked email from Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop labeled Joe Biden as a “big guy.”

Politico already fact-checked the said email.

Harwood is even defeating Psaki in defending Biden

John Gibson, a podcaster, mocked the CNN correspondent, stating he surrendered his journalist card for the sake of getting “lefty hack membership.”

Another journalist, Glenn Greenwald, was of the view that Harwood is one of the two most loyal White House journalists in the current media setup. The other one is Philip Bump of the Washington Post.

According to him, Harwood is even more loyal than Jen Psaki to the White House and the president. Since the Hunter Biden story went viral, most liberal media networks are silent, as they are hesitating to even report the scandal in its entirety.


Even some liberal networks, which are reporting the news, are doing it occasionally even though the son of the president is in trouble in many cases at the same time.