Washington Post Accused of Running Defense For John Fetterman

Last year, John Fetterman won the Pennsylvania Senate race, much to the surprise of many Americans nationwide. The Democrat’s victory came in spite of a recent stroke that led to him having clear issues with speaking and communicating.

Then, shortly after his victory, Fetterman checked himself into a medical facility to get treatment for depression. There were concerns about how long the freshman senator would be out. However, he eventually made his return to Congress in a few weeks.

Despite Fetterman’s time off, he still appears to be having some struggles that the country witnessed when he was on the campaign trail in 2022. These are struggles that the Washington Post is being accused of covering up, according to Twitchy.

Not a Good Situation

This week, Congress held a session to discuss unemployment benefits and the appropriate amounts of help that struggling Americans should expect to see from the government.

However, a quote from Fetterman in which he mentioned SNAP, work requirements for unemployment checks, and bank bailouts showed that he was all over the place.

What the Pennsylvania congressman said was objectively incoherent. It simply didn’t make any sense, hence renewing concerns about him serving in the Senate, to begin with.

Apparently, the Washington Post also realized what Fetterman said didn’t reflect well on him. This is why the company deleted a tweet in which it quoted the congressman’s exact words.

Scary Times

At this point, there is no telling when (or if) Fetterman’s speech and cognitive abilities will get any better. After someone suffers a stroke, they are sometimes never the same again.

The Washington Post’s removal of a tweet quoting the senator speaks volumes. It also shows the media will not hesitate to run defense for Democrats.

If Fetterman was a Republican speaking in an incoherent fashion, it’s doubtful that the Washington Post would have taken down a tweet that directly reflected his own words.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.