Ukrainians Finally Have a Bit of Hope

With the rising humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Ukrainians have finally found a glimpse of hope in humanitarian corridors being exclusively made to evacuate civilians from war-torn regions.

On Tuesday, packed buses fled two Ukrainian cities as people tried to migrate in the hope of a peaceful life.

Humanitarian Corridors Opened for Ukrainians

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, nearly all attempts to evacuate civilians from embattled cities failed in the absence of any official passageway for people. 

Though now, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a limited ceasefire and the establishment of humanitarian corridors and providing aid to people.

The Ukrainian state communication agency acknowledged a north-eastern city of Ukraine, Sumy, has now been provided with a “green corridor.”

However, it still remains unclear how long this corridor will remain intact, which is creating panic among civilians. Thus, people are rushing toward the newly opened facility.

Buses passing through these corridors are mostly going toward other cities; however, most Ukrainians are still preferring to leave their country.

According to a spokesperson for the UN international organization for Migration, Safa Msehli, two million people, including more than 100,000 foreigners, have now left the war-torn country.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are struggling to gather the dead bodies of their loved ones, as the Russian bombing intensifies.

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Anatol Fedoruk, asserted stray dogs are eating dead bodies left on roads, as people cannot gather these bodies, due to the non-stop Russian shelling.

A Wave of Misinformation in Ukraine

Amid all of this, most fleeing people are unaware of where they will go after passing through these so-called humanitarian corridors.

The growing disagreement between Russia and Ukraine is keeping people vague at the moment. Russia’s coordination center in Ukraine asserted even though there would be multiple corridors, all of them would lead toward Russia, either through Belarus or directly.

However, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations stated people could choose wherever they wanted to go from multiple corridors originating from different cities.

Contrary to this, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk stated people getting evacuated from Sumy would be moved to another city Poltava.

Thus, with a lot of contradictory claims, Ukrainians are unable to find a reliable source of information.

Amid all of this, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy vowed to show a firm resolve against incoming Russian forces.

He stated this is the warfare of asymmetrical nature, and the Ukraine army stands no chance against its opponent in absolute numbers. Though, the president indicated even if Russian forces enter every city, they will face massive opposition everywhere.

On Monday, Russia reiterated its slate of demands and asked Ukraine to accept them if it wanted Moscow to stop its invasion.

According to Russia, Ukraine has to accept Crimea as a part of Russia, declare controversial eastern regions as independent, and pledge not to join NATO or EU by changing its Constitution if it really wants Putin to call off the war.