Ukraine Running Out of Ammo in Desperate Fight With Russia

(Photo via Ukraine Weapons Tracker on Twitter shows Ukrainian troops training in Germany to use howitzers donated by Norway)

The forces of Ukraine are now facing a battlefield catastrophe; they are rapidly running out of ammunition.

Western nations, including the United States, are dragging their feet on absolutely vital weapon supplies.

Russians Throwing All Their Might in the Donbass Battle

Ukrainian forces are bravely managing to destroy the Russians in close combat, but are getting pummeled by Russian artillery systems.

While some of the most important western nations, such as the United States, Britain and Poland, have been supplying vast amounts of primarily defensive weapons to Ukraine, other top western arms producers have underperformed tremendously.

In the meantime, the Russians are throwing everything they have in the Battle for Donbass. Russia’s current assault against Ukraine and the entire free world began on February 24.

The Ukrainians, though, didn’t care for Putin’s plan to enslave them. They have been beating back the Russian hordes all over the map.

After the Russian invasion from the north was routed in the Battle for Kyiv, Putin’s commanders focused their entire war effort on conquering in full the Donbass region in the southeast.

(Ukrainian drone footage snapshot shows Russian military vehicles right before their destruction)

Ukraine Almost Out of Artillery Munitions on Key Frontline

As per the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Defense, more than 31,900 Russian soldiers have been killed in combat.

This comes on top of another 20,000 from the Russian proxies in the Donbass region, while more than 9,000 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed.

Those include 1,409 main battle tanks, 3,450 armored personnel carriers, 2,438 trucks and jeeps, 13 ships, 212 warplanes, 572 drones, 178 military helicopters, 712 artillery systems, and 319 missile and anti-aircraft systems.

In order to score a major symbolic victory, the Russians have been trying to capture the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, with a combined population of 200,000.

The past couple of weeks have seen severe urban battles inside the former city, with the Ukrainians staging successful counterattacks several times.

However, the latest statements from Ukrainian officials are making it clear the Russian advantage in artillery systems in Donbass is 15-20 to 1, while in terms of artillery ammo, it is 40 to 1.

According to Oleksiy Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s Security Council, Russia is concentrating all of its might on the Sievierodonetsk hotspot, as cited by The Daily Mail.

He insisted the Russians are using their soldiers as cannon fodder with no regard for their lives whatsoever.

The more terrible part for the Ukrainian defenders is the fact that Putin’s hordes are shelling the city and their positions indiscriminately.

Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence, raised alarm in an interview for The Guardian that Ukrainians are running out of artillery shells.

He called upon western nations to deliver more artillery weapons, ammo, and long-range missiles to help reverse the Russian advantage.