Twitter Files Reveal Yet Another Portion of the Ugly Truth!

The Twitter files have been popping in and out of relevance for a while now. Elon Musk’s determination to let people know the truth has certainly caused a lot of chaos among the liberals who’d hate for that to happen.

This time, the revelations uncovered a group, funded with dark money, called the Center for Countering Digital Hate. It has spent years specializing in censorship and may have been the leading cause behind all the info about the vaccines that were never given to us.

Twitter file leaks uncover CCDH, a group that’s worked around the clock to obscure the truth

However, the CCDH isn’t a standalone organization, but rather, part of a much broader, worldwide censorship group. It has been attempting to silence all the truth related to the deaths and injuries caused by the “vaccines” that were mandated to us.

A report shows that the CCDH urged Facebook and several other social media platforms to immediately ban the accounts of 12 people involved in spreading anti-vaccine content.

Among those involved was also the Financial Times, which helped spread these messages and even “steer” platforms like Twitter in the right direction when it comes to these individuals and the content they’d been promoting.

In fact, the group even threatened social media platforms by arguing they’d be going against their own policies if they were to not go along with their demands. They were cleverly bringing up the platforms’ highly subjective policies regarding the moderation of content.

Censorship and moderation on a national level

If you take a closer look at Hannah Murphy’s correspondence to the social media platforms, it becomes obvious that she’s demanding the 12 select people be removed, or else.

In typical woke Twitter fashion, the platform happily obliged to remove the accounts of these individuals, knowing full well they’d be assisting the CCDH in obscuring the truth, something pre-Musk Twitter has been doing for a while now.

What’s more, the CCDH’s list of this “disinformation dozen” was compiled entirely off a faulty narrative that doesn’t indicate any form of foul play on anyone’s part.

In fact, both Murphy and the CCDH simply identified about 12 people they disagree with and labeled them as “spreading misinformation”.

Unfortunately, as we’ve noted before, the Financial Times and the CCDH are merely the tips of the iceberg. American journalist Matt Taibbi uncovered an entire industrial complex of censorship hiding behind the curtains.

In it, he identified several NGOs, commercial media, and even the US government, all of them conspiring to prevent you from properly exercising your First Amendment rights.

It doesn’t take much for any ordinary American to be reported to these organizations. Should the left find you harmful to their cause, there’s no telling what they’re capable of doing, whether it’s merely removing you from social media or silencing you permanently, as they did with dozens of others.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.