Trump Says He Has Made a Decision on 2024

According to several recent reports, the question of whether or not former President Trump will make a third run for the Oval Office should be replaced with “when.” 

A recent article published by Politico stated at recent dinners, Trump has been debating the scheduling of his declaration with “some of his richest and highest-profile backers.” 

Early Announcement?

The Washington Post disclosed recently that some of Trump’s closest advisers have been pressing him to adhere to standards of declaring a bid after the midterm election cycle to avoid blame if Republicans perform badly.

Different Trump counselors, on the other hand, have been urging an earlier bid in order to scare off rivals in the face of signs of waning support among Republican primary voters. 

Reportedly, President Trump is trying to get the information out sooner so he may significantly impact the midterm elections. 

Recently, he gave an interview to New York Magazine in which he stated in his own head, he indeed made that decision; thus, nothing else matters anymore. 

Trump gave the impression he would run for office, but he did not state his intention to do so explicitly. He said the question was whether it would be before or after the midterms in November. 

He indicated the most important choice he will have to make will be whether to go before or after. Trump argued he simply believes there are certain assets from the previous administration. 

He said to “let people know.” The former president went on to say if you look at the polls, the majority of these individuals don’t even register to vote.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

However, a poll this week found that approximately half of Republicans still wouldn’t vote for Trump in a purely theoretical GOP primary race.

Therefore, this opens up a significant path for a competitor. Many recent polls show that Trump is still in the lead in a hypothetical primary election field. 

According to a poll by the New York Times and Siena College, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Trump’s primary Republican opponent. 

A recent survey of voters in New Hampshire, the state with the first party primaries in the nation, found in a purely theoretical matchup with Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, Ron DeSantis is proportionally tied with Trump.

In another development, Ron DeSantis would fare much better against President Joe Biden in the state’s general election race if he were to clinch the nomination. 

Trump has made efforts to downplay any possibility of competition between himself and the governor of Florida.

Still, Trump has made the argument that DeSantis is basically in the debt of the former president (himself) for supporting him during his 2018 bid for governor of Florida.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.