Trump Rises Up in Defense of Key Figure Attacked by RINOs

Former President Trump has risen up to defend an important GOP official – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – from the encroachments of RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”), who are seeking to impeach the latter.

RINOs Collaborate with Democrats

Trump’s remarks in defense of Paxton came ahead of a vote at the Texas House of Representatives. A majority of Republicans did indeed vote for the state’s attorney general to be impeached.

The 60-year-old AG faced accusations of “abuse of public trust,” “bribery,” and “unfitness for office.”

Paxton countered those by declaring the impeachment trial against him to be “political theater,” quoting “gossip” and debunked claims. He insisted the RINOs and Democrats were trying to disenfranchise voters who reelected him in November.

The vote at the Texas House was described as historic, since only two officials had been impeached in the state’s history, Newsmax reports.

The majority voted 121-23 for Paxton’s impeachment, with his trial now going to the state Senate. The GOP AG was impeached with 60 Republican votes and the votes of all 61 Democratic representatives.

Among other acts, Paxton is known for asking the US Supreme Court back in 2020 to overturn the results from the presidential election that sent Joe Biden to the White House.

Trump Piles Praise on Paxton

Ahead of the impeachment vote in Texas, former President Trump slammed the RINOs in the state legislature, including state House Speaker Dade Phelan, in a Truth Social post.

According to Trump, Phelan barely even qualifies as a Republican, but spearheaded the effort to remove Paxton. The former president described the latter as one of the most efficient, hardworking state AGs in the nation, who was recently reelected with massive support.

In another Truth Social post, he proclaimed his love for Texas and recalled how he won the state in 2016 and 2020 in landslides, thanking AG Ken Paxton and his many other friends that supported him.

Trump expressed hopes that the Texas House would ultimately decide against an impeachment vote.

Unfortunately, Trump and other true Republicans were disappointed, but the fight about Paxton now goes to the state Senate where the situation could be different.