Trump Mocks Elon Musk as Feud Between the Two Heats Up

Elon Musk’s backing out of the Twitter purchase he agreed to caused his name to come up lately in the headlines once again.

Now, President Trump is speaking out as well and says Musk won’t really save free speech and is a “bullsh-t artist.”

Trump’s accusation comes as he says Musk lied about voting for him and is just another fake.

The tech billionaire and Tesla CEO wasn’t going to take Trump’s taunts lying down, lashing out on social media with some pretty harsh accusations.

Elon Hits Back

During a rally in Anchorage, Alaska, Trump claimed he took a look at Musk’s contract regarding the Twitter purchase and said it’s a real mess.

Trump recalled he said before Musk would not buy Twitter, mocking Musk’s claims as dust in the wind. Musk said he never voted for the Republican Party, but Trump claims Musk told him he voted for him.

To this day, it is unclear what Musk’s true vote in 2020 is, whether it was even for Trump or Biden at all. In the 2008 and 2012 elections, Musk claims to have voted for Barack Obama.

This mockery didn’t sit well with Musk.

Musk countered and said Trump will lose the 2024 election and that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will “easily” beat him. Musk has already said he supports DeSantis and will vote for him.

According to Musk, problems with transparency regarding data of Twitter users and too many fake accounts are the reasons he no longer wants to buy the tech platform.

This billion-dollar breach of contract can be dragged on for a long time and it remains to be seen what will happen in court.

Musk: Trump Needs to Retire

In addition to saying Trump will lose to DeSantis, Musk advised him to just hang up the gloves and not even run for POTUS.

He said he doesn’t hate Trump, but that he should “sail” off and retire, instead of running again.

Musk said Trump will be too old to take on any high-ranking executive office and clearly favors DeSantis for this win.

If there’s one thing Trump can’t stand, it’s anyone who tries to defeat him or make him look weak, so this feud is likely to heat up.

The Bottom Line

For Musk, the maximum age to assume a presidency should be 69. Many of us would agree that new blood is good, but others will prefer experience and on-the-ground know-how.

This fight between Musk and Trump is just a small preview of what’s coming.

We’ve already seen fault lines between Trump and DeSantis. If and when both decide to run in the race to become the GOP nominee, they’re going to go directly after each other’s record and character.