Trump ‘Guilty’ of Sex Offense Against Woman He Doesn’t Know

Former President Trump has entered a new phase. He was proclaimed guilty of a sexual abuse crime against writer E. Jean Carroll – even though Trump assures he has no idea who she is.

Verdict Against POTUS 45

Earlier this week, a jury in Manhattan decided Trump is “liable for sexual abuse,” as well as defamation against Carroll. The jury ordered him to pay Carroll a compensation of $5 million.

Trump promised he would appeal the verdict, the New York Post reports. In a subsequent post on his Truth Social profile, POTUS 45 declared in all-caps that he truly had “no idea” who Carroll was.

He called the verdict against him “A DISGRACE” which continued the “greatest witch hunt” ever  “VERY UNFAIR TRIAL!” the 2024 GOP nomination frontrunner declared further.

Another Truth Social post later saw the former president criticize the judge in the case, 78-year-old Lewis Kaplan. Trump stressed Kaplan, a Bill Clinton appointee, was going out of his way to guarantee the jury was biased against the former president.

The Post notes that Kaplan previously tried cases involving New York gangsters, British Prince Andrew and his sexual assault case, and al-Qaeda terrorists.

Carroll’s Rape Story

79-year-old E. Jean Carroll claimed she was raped by Trump, 76, in the fitting room of a department store in the Big Apple, probably in 1996. She first filed the lawsuit against him in 2019.

The NYC jury rejected the rape accusation, but declared POTUS 45 “liable for sexual abuse.” The jurors also decided Trump defamed Carroll in a Truth Social post from October 2022, in which he called her accusations a “hoax.”

During the eight days of trial in the past three weeks, the jury heard 11 witnesses. Besides Carrollo, those included two more women claiming the former president sexually assaulted them.

Carroll claimed Trump asked her to give him a hand finding a present for a woman when she ran into him at Bergdorf Goodman, close to Trump Tower.

She then alleged she was still able to “feel the pain” when the former and future president raped her inside a fitting room. The Trump 2024 campaign said Carroll’s story was “totally made-up.”