Trump Defends Disney, Questions DeSantis’ Priorities in Recent Statement

In the middle of the continuing debate about Disney’s “woke” policy and DeSantis latest move against the company, former President Donald Trump stated his support for the firm.

Trump lauded Disney’s “unwavering commitment to freedom of expression” in a statement issued on Monday. He chastised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for rejecting the company’s initiatives.

Praising Disney

Trump’s remarks came as conservatives increasingly criticize Disney for what they see as the company’s support of leftist ideals.

Disney’s move to include social justice and diversity-related themes in its programming has prompted some people to call for a boycott.

Trump disagreed with these comments, praising Disney for “upholding the American values of free speech and creativity.”

He continued by saying the company’s choice to “embrace diversity and inclusivity” was a development for the entertainment sector. Also, he claimed Disney would move out of Florida to the detriment of workers from the state.

Trump, though, also targeted Governor DeSantis for his recent criticism of Disney. DeSantis said that the business practices “political correctness” and it is not consistent with the ideals of the majority of Americans.

Attacking DeSantis

In response to these allegations, Trump argued that DeSantis was “playing politics” and attempting to win over his Republican supporters. The governor was cautioned by him to “get with the times” and understand that “diversity is our strength.”

The argument over Disney’s political viewpoints will probably get even hotter after the former president’s remarks. Whether his backing will affect the company’s policy or the conduct of its detractors is unknown.

It is hardly unexpected that the former president would favor Disney, given his history with the organization.

Trump has made appearances in a number of Disney projects, including the popular television program “The Apprentice” and he is rumored to visit the company’s theme parks often.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.