Trump Confirms He Doesn’t Think Highly of Elon Musk

These days, talk about Elon Musk is all the rage in America.

The business mogul is preparing for a lawsuit from Twitter, due to backing away from the $44 billion merger agreement he had to buy the company. Musk, in spite of this, says he’s backing out because Twitter lied about its ratio of spam bots on the platform.

In the wake of the now-broken deal, most of the nation has weighed in with their views on what happened and what’s to come. Former President Trump, for example, stated he never thought the merger would pass.

Now, Trump is extending his analysis (and criticism) to the personal character of the Tesla founder, as Washington Examiner reports.

Trump’s Candid Thoughts on Elon Musk

During a speech in Alaska, Trump reminded that he predicted Musk would never go through with the deal to buy out Twitter. Yet, the former president didn’t stop there.

Not long afterward, Trump called out discrepancies between public comments that Musk has made. On one hand, the Tesla founder claimed, up until recently, that he never cast a vote for anyone within the GOP.

Yet, according to Trump, Musk once privately told him that he voted for him [Trump].” Both of these statements cannot be true at once. This is what ultimately led the former president to write off Musk as a “BS artist.”

Trump also mentioned that Musk has a “mess” on his hands, amid the broken down agreement with Twitter. On Sunday, news spread of Twitter retaining top legal representation in order to take the Tesla founder to court for recanting on the merger.

More Bad Blood Brewing

Over the weekend, Americans continued to weigh in on how the collapse of the Twitter merger would impact the company.

Some believe that Twitter will ultimately have to prove in a court of law that it was forthcoming about the ratio of bots on its platform. Musk’s statements accusing the platform of lying come after a probe from his own team.

Thus far, Elon Musk has not responded to Trump’s criticism, nor has he weighed in on the discrepancy between allegedly telling Trump he voted for him versus also saying he never voted for a Republican before.

The former president is also on record declaring the $44 billion that Musk was going to shell over to buy Twitter is excessive and too much. With the merger having fallen apart, the Tesla CEO could be facing a fine in the billions.

What do you think about Trump ripping into Elon Musk during one of his latest rallies? Do you think this could lead to a new feud between the pair? Let us know what you believe comes next in the area for comments.