Top Obama Official Slams AOC and Woke Democrats

It is not new to anyone that midterm elections are coming up in November. These will be some of the most important races in decades, but the Democrats are mostly asleep at the wheel.

With gasoline prices at record highs, inflation sky high, and China threatening our future, this is not a time to let things go.

Though instead of presenting a unified front, the Democrats have a senile man in power, a cackling witch as VP, and a woke bartender from Queens who cries on Instagram every few days.

Now, even top Democrats are starting to notice and getting outraged about just how badly their party is going to lose.

Top Obama Alum Calls Out AOC’s ‘Dumb Sh*t’

Jim Messina is Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and is now making money helping leftists in the UK and elsewhere.

This liberal freelancer is noticing some big problems with the Democrat Party and people like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Messina recently called out AOC for supporting a primary battle against current Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair Sean Maloney. AOC supports his opponent Alessandra Biaggi, and Messina can’t wrap his head around it.

He says this is the “dumb sh*t” that’s going to lose the midterms and wreck the Democrats’ unity as a party.

Instead of trying to stop the Supreme Court “outlawing” abortion (which is not what overturning Roe v. Wade would do), Democrats are busy trying to fight each other.

Messina needs to get out of his bubble to notice that the problem is much bigger than he sees. The problem with the Democrat Party is not AOC, not by a long shot. She is, if anything, a pale symptom of the real problem.

The Real Problem With the Democrat Party

The redistricting in New York has something to do with Maloney specifically, since he decided he’ll hop districts to run in the 17th, which is currently represented by Mondaire Jones.

Such a decision generated much speculation mainly from Democrats, including AOC, who found it absurd and said it was nothing more than the president of the DCCC calling in favors.

These political games are only the surface of the issues that are going on. In truth, the main problem with the Democrat Party is everything it stands for and works for.

Less and less Americans want a party that divides us, makes the poor poorer, and exploits American patriotism in order to stab our country in the back and lead us off a cliff. We just don’t want globalism and lies anymore.

The New Bizarre Reality

Our current reality is like a medieval court full of jesters and fools. People keep doing more stupid things to get the spotlight shone on them even for just a moment.

Republicans have a great advantage in the upcoming midterms. Meanwhile, Biden and his regime of fools have done nothing to help our country.

83% of Americans recently polled think our country is doing poorly.