Time for America to Learn Some Important Lessons

With the advancement of Russian troops in Ukraine, the United States has an opportunity to learn an important lesson.

This way, any similar attempt by China can be deterred in Taiwan.

US Needs to Learn Lessons for Upcoming China War

Experts believe the Biden administration must see the silver lining in the cloud to learn the much-needed lesson from the Russian invasion. This lesson could ultimately be used to stop China when it invades Taiwan.

A policy-making expert from the Institute for the Study of War, Matthew McInnis, told Fox News sanctions against Russia would only be beneficial if they are followed by a “full-spectrum campaign.”

This campaign would include warnings of the use of force against Russia, using diplomacy to avert the crisis, increasing weapons supplies to Ukraine, and spreading true information across relevant media circles to deter false Russian misinformation campaigns.

Mclnnis talked about his experience working in the State Department, saying sanctions do not work when they are applied in isolation.

So, experts suggest if the United States manages to deter Russia, it would also give a message to China, should China think of invading Taiwan.

Chinese aggression against Taiwan has been surging since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It is widely believed this Chinese invasion could come anytime soon since the Biden administration has been unassertive in stopping Russia from attacking Ukraine.

Global Politics is Having a Domino Effect

The changing geopolitical dynamics of the world are due to the domino effect triggered after the chaotic American pull out of Afghanistan.

This encouraged autocratic countries in the region to take decisive actions against American interests.

Mclnnis appreciated the role of American intelligence agencies as they raised awareness about the Russian invasion. 

If the United States really wants to stop China from invading Taiwan, it must uplift its air offensive strategies that would ultimately be used against China after the Taiwan invasion, Mclnnis added.

Air defense and anti-armor capabilities of Ukraine were of primary importance in the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the United States should learn this lesson to imply the same strategy against China.

China already warned other nations no one should step up to provide any financial or military aid to Taiwan.

Under the doctrine of “peaceful reunification,” Chinese President Xi Jinping has a mission to annex Taiwan, as he considers the country as an essential part of China. 

As the United States has long working relations with Taiwan, Taiwan needs the US’ help at multiple avenues before the invasion.

It is pertinent to note the Biden administration did not take any proactive measures against Russia; it is repeating the same mistake against China as well.

So, experts claim a proactive foreign policy approach can help the world in tackling the upcoming Chinese aggression.