The Squad Faced Severe Backlash from Democratic Strategist

In yet another episode of Democratic infighting, mainstream Democratic strategists have explicitly distanced themselves from the likes of AOC and other squad members.

They believe promoting a far-left, liberal agenda will risk their midterm elections to a great extent.

Radical far left helped Republicans win recent elections

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Matt Bennet, a Democratic strategist who is also a leader of a PAC which helps moderate Democrats win offices, weighed in.

Bennet said the policies of AOC and her ideological partners are creating difficulties for Democrats who are running in competitive races; this is what will determine the majority of House after the 2022 elections.

Bennet asserted everyone is shouting this from the “rooftops,” but the alienation of the progressive wing is creating too many roadblocks for the party.

According to him, Democrats have not learned their lessons from the 2020 elections when the party lost 14 House seats. This happened as Republicans successfully campaigned against Democrats over their police defunding messages.

Likewise, he mentioned the 2021 Virginia elections, adding that the GOP nominee, Glenn Youngkin, managed to campaign against critical race theory, which is often preached by far-left politicians.

Bennett emphasized while these sorts of progressive policies can work in Brooklyn, they usually backfire in competitive races; it gives an advantage to opposition parties during election campaigns.

The Democratic strategist recommended the eleven moderate Democrats, who he is helping in the 2022 elections, should specifically mention in their campaigns they do not support violent, far-left policies so that voters can know about it.

He also told the Squad their policies are unlikely to work the same way in every state; the words they utter have political consequences which have to be faced by the whole party in general.

Progressives are not taking criticism against their ideology lightly

The radical left is at the center of the GOP campaigning efforts nowadays. Nathan Brand, the Republican National Committee spokesman, said these radical views are now taking the whole Democrat Party under its control.

Brand noted both Biden and Nancy Pelosi also embraced progressives’ agenda, and they are now working under the left’s influence. He was referring to a Rolling Stone Magazine cover in which Pelosi was seen cozying up with AOC and her progressive colleague, Ilhan Omar.

Currently, far-left Democrats are campaigning for policies threatening the future of the Democrat Party. Included in them are the campaigns of defunding the police, abolishing federal prisons, and eliminating US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

While acknowledging the poor law and order situation across the United States, Bennett claimed violent crimes are going up in the country; so people are in no mood to even hear slogans like police defunding.

Meanwhile, progressives are also not silent on the mounting criticism against their ideology.

Currently, they are blaming moderates for killing the social spending bill, claiming most of the voters are dissatisfied with the party because it failed to actualize its campaign promises.

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