The Rising Infidelity of the Supreme Court

The morale of the US Supreme Court is low after the unprecedented leak of the abortion document.

According to Judge Clarence Thomas, the leak badly hurt the sanctity of the institution and eroded public perception of the court.

The Crisis of US Supreme Court Worsening

On Friday night, Judge Thomas was speaking at a conference conducted by many liberal and conservative groups in Texas. He stated the leak was “tremendously bad” for the institution.

According to the New York Times, Thomas indicated trust between the members of the court has also been eroded.

Likewise, the Associated Press reported the judge considered the leak an “unthinkable breach of trust.”

After losing the trust in these types of institutions, Thomas claimed judges started looking over their shoulders as the court had been changed “fundamentally” with the leak.

Calling it “infidelity,” Thomas asserted it is now impossible to undo the damage.

Since the leak, protests both for and against abortion have erupted in various parts of the country. The high-profile leak made Chief Justice John Roberts order an investigation.

Although it was perceived earlier the draft might not be the original one, the Supreme Court acknowledged the authenticity of the draft later on.

However, judges still stressed the leaked draft was just an opinion and may not represent the actual decision of the Supreme Court.

Justice Thomas was also the one favoring the overturning of Roe after hearing the oral arguments last year.

Last week, he lambasted the protests against the court, stating the Supreme Court cannot be “bullied into” making a decision of someone’s choice.

Prominent House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries of New York scolded Thomas over his remarks.

While he called him a “hater,” he also pointed out the wife of the judge who is being tried by the liberal media for her alleged contribution to amplifying the 2020 voter fraud claims of Donald Trump.

White House Ate Its Words on Abortion Leaks

Since the leak, progressive voters of the Democrat Party have been protesting outside the houses of various conservative judges. Still, the White House miserably failed to condemn these attacks for a long time. 

Not only this, but a wave of protests against churches also erupted on Mothers Day weekend, in which many churches were vandalized.

Although the White House initially distanced itself from condemning these attacks, it took a sharp u-turn when the news of vandalized churches went viral on social media.

Initially, former press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if she would condemn the attacks on Catholic Churches.

Responding to this, she stated everyone should protest peacefully, without denouncing the attacks directly.

However, later on, the White House issued a statement on Twitter, claiming vandalism should not be promoted in the name of protest.

According to her, judges should not worry about their personal safety, as they play a critical role in moving American society forward.