Texas to Send Illegal Immigrants to Washington DC Via Buses

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a plan to tackle a rising wave of illegal immigrants as the Biden administration is about to eliminate Title 42.

The governor has revealed he will move the mass transport of illegal immigrants from Texas to Washington DC.

Texas to Send Illegal Immigrants to the Capitol Hill

As the Biden administration is all-set to wrap up Title 42, states adjacent to borders are likely to be impacted the most. Texas is one such state which shares 1,254 miles of border with a politically hostile Mexico.

However, the Abbott administration will ship the newly coming illegal immigrants to the door of the US Capitol Hill to let the federal government know about the severity of the danger.

Speaking at a press conference, the governor noted Biden has to realize the needs of the people who are coming with his will to the country. Therefore, Texas will send these people directly to Washington. 

According to the chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management, W. Nim Kidd, the maximum number of possible buses will be used to carry out the directives of the governor.

Almost 900 buses have been used in the past to transport these illegal immigrants to different parts of Texas.

Apart from that, Abbott also signed an executive order, according to which the Texas Department of Public Safety would have to do an “enhanced” inspection of all vehicles entering the United States from the Mexico border.

This is to save the residents of the country from any impending danger that may come with uncontrolled immigration after the end of Title 42.

Similarly, the governor is also eyeing to counter illegal immigration using razor wires in low-water crossings to push back incoming people.

Federal Government is Doing Nothing to Secure Border

The drills to mass transport such a large number of people from Texas to Washington DC will start in the ongoing week by the Texas National Guard.

Thus, the Texas National Guard adjutant general Major General Thomas Suelzer issued a warning to illegal caravans. He suggested the state would be waiting for people who think they can easily overwhelm America in big numbers.

Texas is one of the states which provides an easy pathway for smugglers to enter the United States. As this state has been used by human smugglers heavily, the officials are also implementing increased night lighting.

Abbott added that securing the southern border is an expensive job, and the federal government is doing nothing about it. Due to this, the money of Texan taxpayers has to be used to secure the border, the governor continued.

Reportedly, a score of illegal immigrants is waiting in Mexico for Title 42 to end. Therefore, an unprecedented wave at the border can overwhelm existing facilities.