Texas AG Insists Biden Apologize For Border Officers Slander

Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton sought an apology from President Joe Biden for promoting the narrative of Border Patrol personnel beating Haitian migrants.

According to the accusations, the incident occurred in 2021. On Friday, Paxton stated he disagrees with how the White House characterized the narrative and he believes it to be completely incorrect. 

So, instead, he would like Joe Biden and some of these other political leaders to make an appearance and truly apologize to these individuals for what they have been forced to go through as a result of the situation.

Attacks on Border Agents Politically Motivated

According to Paxton, there is no question this was done for political reasons.

It is a terrible tragedy for these Border Patrol personnel, many of whom have dedicated their lives to protecting American citizens and keeping the border secure.

He continued by stating they were being punished inappropriately and needed to be commended instead. They also need to be looked after properly.

Instead, their careers are in jeopardy. Border Patrol members have been made to seem foolish in front of the entirety of the American public.

On his Facebook page, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the leader of the House GOP minority, issued a similar call for an apology.

McCarthy stated these officials were acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing months ago.

However, rather than acknowledging they were wrong, the Biden presidency is doubling down on groundlessly attacking these officers in order to sustain its open borders ideology.

The character of the agents was damaged by Vice President Harris, President Biden, and their sympathizers in the mainstream media. These individuals should all apologize to the officers involved in this incident.

However, despite the call from the attorney general of Texas, not a single member of the White House team has apologized for spreading incorrect information.

Verbal, Not Physical ‘Attacks’

The Customs and Border Protection investigation did find cases of verbal abuse, physical assault, and threats of physical force among officers. Still, there were no cases of agents physically abusing one another.

According to the investigation, there also is no evidence to suggest that any Border Patrol agents (BPAs) engaged in this event purposefully or unintentionally hit any migrants with their reins.

The riders on the horses that were involved in this event had split reins, which allowed them to manage the horse’s movements by twirling the reins in their hands.

Another BPA who was engaged in this incident stated that they were using these split reins as a method of distancing themselves from the situation.

Per the statement, the four agents even implicated will be subject to some form of penalty that has not yet been determined for acting “in an unprofessional way.”