Ted Cruz Criticizes Clapper For His Reversal on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Issue

On Monday, former Head of National Intelligence James Clapper asserted that Politico ‘deliberately twisted’ the 2020 intel document on the possibility that Hunter Biden’s laptop included Russian misinformation.

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Ted Cruz criticized Clapper for his attempts to disassociate himself from his part in censorship of the New York Post’s article about a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden in 2020.

To Save His Rear End

Cruz made these remarks on an episode of his podcast titled “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

They came in response to Clapper’s statement that Politico misinterpreted the letter which he and other intelligence sources signed at the time regarding the laptop possibly containing Russian disinformation.

In a report released on Monday by the Washington Post, Clapper was quoted as saying there was communication distortion. He stated all they were doing was putting up a warning sign that this may be misinformation being spread by the Russian government.

He asserted that Politico intentionally misrepresented what they stated and he pointed out this was made plain in paragraph five. Cruz did not see Clapper’s justification as credible.

Cruz stated what Clapper is saying right now is obviously spin and Clapper is using spin to attempt to protect his rear end, since he is now under scrutiny from the House majority.

As Cruz recalled it, Politico decided to run a headline regarding Clapper’s letter. According to scores of intelligence officials, the report about Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation.

That was the narrative Politico published because the letter was leaked to Politico; then, dozens of other media sites, including CNN, reported the story that Politico wrote about it.

Cruz went on to say Clapper did not, at the time, clarify the report was untrue. He chose not to criticize the narrative on television. He took no action.

It Was Totally Intentional

Cruz said they expected Politico to publish their letter precisely as they had written it, which is why they both drafted and leaked it. They wanted their deception to be spread by the corrupt corporate media and the useful fools in the press.

We now understand it was a falsehood.

The laptop was authentic and truthful, indicating it wasn’t Russian misinformation. Although James Clapper didn’t want anyone to pay attention to what was on Hunter Biden’s computer, he did want that story to be published two weeks before the election.

Natasha Bertrand, a former White House correspondent for CNN, penned the problematic Politico piece. Clapper also works as a paid contributor at CNN. The network has not addressed Clapper’s most recent accusations.

Clapper implied the reporting by the New York Post, which has subsequently been validated by the New York Times and several other news organizations, was Russian misinformation.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.