States Suing BLM Movement for Donations Fraud

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is coming under the scrutiny of various states for not disclosing its finances.

According to USA Today, businesses face the consequences when they grow too fast, but BLM has so far averted scrutiny, despite growing at an unparalleled pace over the last two years.

BLM is failing to report its donations to states

Recently, the California Department of Justice issued a notice to BLM that it is violating state policies by not disclosing financial records.

As per the department, the leadership of the organization could be fined heavily for not reporting the donations.

The state of Indiana is also investigating BLM, while Amazon has suspended BLM donations as the concerns about the handling of incoming donations are increasing.

This move of states also depicts the hypocrisy of many blue states, which are treating various ideological organizations differently.

For instance, New York is currently aiming to dissolve the National Rifle Association for the same allegations against BLM. These allegations include the usage of funds by the organizations for the personal benefits of their officials.

While big corporations have to pay a hefty price if they see early success and financial gains, USA Today noted, this is not the case with far-left organizations, which are evading governmental scrutiny.

After the Geroge Floyd incident of 2020, the organization attracted big donations under racial slogans.

This helped BLM to accumulate riches by getting lucrative corporate deals. The co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, indicated the organization enjoyed a sudden surge in its popularity as it called for the boycotts of white-owned businesses.

Some co-founders of the organization have publicly stated they are “trained Marxists.”

Cullors often emphasized capitalism is worse than the COVID pandemic, even though the organization sells merchandise on its online store to make money.

Big tech is censoring people for exposing BLM

Reportedly, the donors of the BLM are more concerned about the publicity which they get after donating, rather than tracking where the money is actually going.

Those who question the spending of the organization are labeled as “white supremacists” by BLM. Facebook and Twitter even censored people who tried to question Cullors’ expensive properties, which she got when the organization started attracting big donors. 

Last year, Cullors resigned as an executive director of the BLM Global Network, after which the organization has no apparent leader.

This resignation came when the organization was accused of transferring $6.3 million to Cullors’ spouse and some other Canadian activists who used them to purchase a mansion in Toronto.

USA Today reported the organization is affected by so many internal conflicts that even their top leadership is unknown at the moment.

After her resignation, two other people, namely Makani Themna and Monifa Bandele, were supposed to assume the leadership of the network; none of them took the oath and both were unaware of who was running the organization.