State Senator Trends Online For Voting Shirtless on a Zoom Call

A state senator from Minnesota gained internet popularity, seemingly against his will, after delivering his vote in a Zoom meeting on Monday while bare-chested and in front of an appropriate background.

At The Leisure of His Bed

When Republican Sen. Calvin Bahr ventured to announce his vote on the Legislative Audit Commission, he popped up to be lying in bed without his shirt on. Behind him was a still image of the human-like bill persona from “Schoolhouse Rock!”

After casting a vote of “yes,” he swiftly turned the camera so it was facing upward. He turned off the video so that it was a blank screen with “Sen. Cal Bahr” written on it.

After the camera switches back, a few people in the in-person meeting room can be seen grinning.

Worked All Day As a Truck Driver

As initially reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, according to a spokesperson for the Republican Senate, truck driver Bahr worked until almost five in the morning.

Then, he went to bed before the meeting on Monday. It was stated by the staff that he would not comment on either the vote or the video.

Before comments were disabled, the video was responsible for the creation of multiple memes and social commentary.

The situation was turned into a meme by some of the other commenters. A person on Twitter uploaded a picture to their profile showing a cockatiel sipping from a cocktail with the caption “Unsee Juice” written over the glass.

A few people apparently didn’t find it funny and called Republicans out. On the other hand, some jokingly said this reminded them of the pandemic era when everyone was having meetings from home.

So far, there’s no sign that the internet is going to stop talking about this incident any time soon.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.