Stacey Abrams Faceplants as Governor’s Race Gets Ugly Down in Georgia

The Democrat Party loves to choose people to play roles based on their gender, color, background, and labels.

Instead of taking the advice of Martin Luther King Jr. to judge people by the “content of their character,” Democrats prefer to judge by skin tone and demographic identity labels.

Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the congresswoman from New York who literally auditioned with the activist group, Justice Democrats, to get their support in running for her seat.

Another example is Stacey Abrams down in Georgia, a former state representative who’s running to head the state.

This woman is a stalking horse for George Soros (and other special interests), who doesn’t even understand basic science. She recently falsely claimed five-month fetuses have no discernible heartbeat in order to stick to her extreme abortion position.

Abrams has the backing of some very big money donors in her run for governor of the Peach State, but unfortunately for her, even the mountains of funding are no longer doing the trick.

Abrams is in Trouble

Abrams is in trouble for one very simple reason: far too many millions of Georgia voters are not buying the crock of crap that she’s selling. In fact, her main opponent, Republican Brian Kemp, has now widened his lead on her to over eight points.

Abrams already lost to Kemp in 2018, but claimed he stole the election and that there had been widespread “voter suppression.”

Backed by these incendiary claims, Abrams then started an activist group called Fair Fight Action which she’s used to play the victim and challenge the democratic process, if and when races don’t go in the direction that Democrats want.

This time around, we can only speculate how poorly she’ll react if and when she loses once again to Kemp and fails to become governor.

The simple fact that isn’t convenient to the left and Abrams is not many people actually like her or what she stands for.

Despite being completely worshipped by the mainstream media and them trying to turn her into a star (even giving her a guest role on Star Trek), Abrams doesn’t have a real agenda for Georgia, other than complaining and repeating hollow, bitter leftist talking points.

Sorry, Stacey

A new Kemp ad takes on the myth of Abrams and shows she’s more of a Hollywood-made celebrity than an actual politician with useful ideas.

Her cozying up to the establishment’s upper crust on the left is typical of those who pretend to care about their constituents while actually pursuing an ulterior agenda.

It’s like Joe Biden constantly repeating he grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as if a working-class childhood somehow makes it OK for him to sell out American workers and industry. It doesn’t.

Abrams may be from Georgia, but her heart is clearly on other goals, such as becoming the national face of the Democrat Party and becoming a key tool in interrupting and defying the democratic process.

You won’t be surprised to learn everything she and her friends lose was the result of fraud and everything they win was the result of a pristine and fair election process. Are you buying that?

The Bottom Line

Sorry, Stacey. You’re going to lose big and you deserve to lose big.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.