Social Media Apps: The Hub of Dangerous Life-Threatening Drugs

Social media applications are emerging as the epicenter of the illegal drug market. 

These platforms are targeting underage children who can die after consuming synthetic opioids, particularly fentanyl, without letting their parents know.

Illegal Drug Market: The Darkest Side of Social Media

Chris Didier, a father whose 17-year-old son, Zach, died due to consuming fentanyl, recalled his horrors during his Fox News appearance.

He stated he tried to bring his son back to consciousness when he saw him laying helplessly in his room. Being an ex-military serviceman, Chris used his CPR training to revive his son, but in vain.

As medics arrived at the scene, they pronounced Zach dead, which left all of the family in shock.

When coroners searched their house and revealed fentanyl could be one of the reasons for Zach’s death, his father was in disbelief. He speculated how fentanyl can even come into his house when his son was not exposed to the dangerous world.

Shockingly, the parents of the deceased boy soon learned their son bought the so-called Percocet pill from Snapchat, but received and consumed “counterfeit” pills made up of fentanyl.

His parents were shocked about how drug dealers can target young kids using social media. So, Zach’s mother, Laura, stated neither she nor any of her friends were aware social media could be used for such dangerous purposes.

Chris Didier also told Fox News dangerous counterfeit pills could easily be found on mainstream social media apps, which most parents do not know.

China Distributing Illegal Drugs to the United States

According to a study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), every following year saw increased fentanyl-related deaths, specifically in kids between the ages of 14 to 18.

Dr. Olivia Rae Wright, an addiction specialist, also mentioned one-time users of fentanyl are most vulnerable to death, as they do not have any tolerance for the drug.

Last November, a shocking report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established more than 100,000 people died of drug overdose from April 2020 to April 2021. This was a 30% increase, compared to the same time period of the previous year. 

Almost 75% of these 100,000 people died due to synthetic opioids, notably fentanyl. Reportedly, these numbers are rising at an alarming pace as most young people don’t even know that they are taking fentanyl when they consume substances laced with it.

Alarmingly, China is the mastermind behind this misery of Americans. According to Dr. Wright, China is exporting illegal heroin to Mexico, from where the drug mafia is bringing it to the United States.

While China reduced its merciless ambitions towards the United States when American leadership put pressure on them, they are still finding ways to export their dangerous drugs to the United States via Mexico, Dr. Wright added.

Now, after their irreversible loss, both Laura and Chris Didier are raising awareness about the role of social media in disseminating dangerous drugs.