Smart Guns: A Potential Security Threat or Just Another Technology Fad?

Conservative news outlet Fox News lauded the upcoming release of Biofire, a cutting-edge smart gun slated to become available in 2024.

As reported by Fox News, the implementation of smart guns may potentially mitigate the issues of accidental shootings and gun theft, both of which are significant contributors to the ongoing problem of gun violence in America.

Joe Biden has been advocating for smart guns since the 2019 primary debates. On his campaign website, he has pledged to ensure that all firearms sold in the United States are smart guns.

“Smart Guns”

The notion of smart guns may seem enticing; however, it is not without its limitations.

As it turns out, the so-called “smart guns” that have been touted as a solution to gun violence are not as foolproof as their proponents would have us believe.

Recent studies have shown that these devices are alarmingly vulnerable to hacking, which could have disastrous consequences for gun owners and their families. It’s clear that more research is needed before we can fully embrace this technology as a viable option for gun safety.

Notorious hacker Plore has once again demonstrated the vulnerabilities of so-called “smart guns.”

Using a simple and inexpensive method involving magnets, Plore was able to hack into the German-made Armatix IP1 firearm. This raises serious concerns about the reliability and safety of these so-called “smart” guns.


Furthermore, the effectiveness of smart guns in a life-threatening scenario is questionable.

In a stunning revelation, it has been reported that if biometric authentication were to fail, gun owners might be left defenseless in a life-threatening situation. This alarming possibility highlights the potential dangers of relying solely on technology for firearm safety.

Despite the potential drawbacks, conservatives and Republicans are not resisting the concept of smart guns.

As the Biden administration sets its sights on enacting smart gun legislation, conservatives champion the technology instead. Conservative lawmakers must remain vigilant as the Biden administration ramps up its efforts to promote smart guns.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.