Shocking: Veterans Evicted From Motel to Make Way for Migrants

The 20 homeless veterans who had to move out of motels in Orange County last week to make room for an entourage of migrants are frightened, but persevering. This is what a representative for the organization said on Saturday, according to The Post.

Veterans Must Make Way for Migrants

Sharon Toney-Finch, the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation’s CEO and a handicapped veteran herself, stated they are attempting to reclaim their confidence. She said the veterans are really furious about how they were replaced.

Local officials reacted quickly to The Post’s Saturday revelation that many motels in Newburgh and Middletown had been forced to expel their guests.

Veterans’ community leaders were swift to condemn the removal of the former troops, many of whom were suffering from PTSD.

David R. Riley Sr., head of the American Legion Department of New York, made the point that these veterans fought for their nation and civilians, taking a vow to put their lives in danger for their country if necessary.

More is due to them. He said America owes them and they are owed by our nation, our state, and our people.

Mayor Eric Adams, whose administration began busing the refugees to Orange County on Thursday, was blamed by other legislators.

Republican Congressman Mike Lawler, who is representing Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester Counties, stated it is completely disgusting that homeless veterans would be relocated in order to address the immigration situation in New York City.

What a disaster this has turned into that Mayor Eric Adams would decide to put the well-being of veterans in jeopardy; it just says everything.

Toney-Finch declined on Saturday to let The Post meet with the veterans, but instead pleaded for contributions of food and toiletries that could be sent at the headquarters of State Assemblyman Brian Maher.

Outrage Over Treatment

She said despite everything, they are okay. The veterans have been dining with her volunteers who happen to also be veterans her organization worked with previously.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.