SHOCKING: Parents’ Rights Under Extreme Distress

California lawyers helped teachers deceive the parents of those students who are facing the issue of gender dysphoria.

This way, they want children to change their genders without letting their parents know.

Woke Lawyers Want Teachers to Change Students’ Genders 

In November last year, the office of Education of Ventura County, California, gave a three-hour presentation to public school educators on Zoom.

In this presentation, the teachers told participants the ways to help transgender and other “gender diverse” students change their gender inclinations.

Attorneys of the same county gave a whole lot of suggestions to teachers about the ways they can empower students to change their genders without informing their parents.

These suggestions included giving children “get to know you” forms before the start of the academic year, so they can choose which pronoun they want to use with their names.

Similarly, the students can be given a choice to denounce gender-specific words like “mom and dad” and use gender-neutral words like “parents.”

The lawyers also told teachers that parents could force their children to opt out of sex education, but that does not imply to LGBT curriculum, which is taught outside of sex education.

Not only this, but students can also enjoy privacy, which means parents cannot know what their children are doing in school, the lawyers claimed.

Some of the lawyers even asked schools to refrain from saving written discussion records between students and schools. This way, their parents cannot obtain these documents to view their children’s sexual identity used in schools.

California Teachers Can Play Around the Law

Schools can also issue two identity cards to students so they can defraud their parents into believing nothing is fishy, in case they have to show their parents their sexual identity, attorneys recommended.

Another shocking suggestion that lawyers had for teachers was they should take those documents into their possession, which gives students a way to transform their genders.

These documents reveal students’ choices about their names, pronouns choices, bathroom choices, and other such preferences. These are usually present with school administrations where parents can access them.

Though the so-called legal advice of attorneys did not end here. They also told teachers how they could instruct their students about gender identity without the knowledge of parents.

According to lawyers, teachers can instill progressive ideas into students’ minds by teaching them about gender identity outside the explicit curriculum of sex education.

As of now, schools have to inform parents they can opt their children out of taking classes of sex education. Yet, the way lawyers recommended could help educators teach it without notifying parents.

Progressives complained many times when Republicans used the term “grooming” to describe such an indoctrination regime for children.

Reportedly, this is one of the primary reasons why Democrats want to implement a Department of Justice memo so they can protect teachers who want to orate progressive ideology in classrooms.