Shocking: Migrants Moving into 20 NYC Schools

After images last week revealing mattresses being installed, Mayor Eric Adams stated on Tuesday that 20 local public school gymnasiums are currently being considered to host migrants.

Migrants Move into NYC Schools

Adams insisted that the city is still not overrun with migrants to the point where individuals have to be kept in gyms, claiming individuals who were seen at a Brooklyn gymnasium during the past weekend were only staying for several hours.

On Tuesday morning, in a different Brooklyn school training facility, a small busload of immigrant men had been dropped off to spend a couple of hours inside. This happened before they were picked up again, according to a person with firsthand knowledge of the incident.

There are 20 separate gymnasiums in the city that are not considered to be a part of a formal educational institution. They are on the list of prospective venues that they could potentially utilize, according to Adams, who spoke to PIX 11.

He claimed they are not quite there at this point, but there must be some decisions made to ensure they are able to accommodate more people if the increase persists.

Last week, some 4,200 migrants entered New York City; this present weekend, a further fifteen buses are anticipated.

Adams’ mention of “the prospective locations” follows after a minimum of 75 migrants were briefly detained at PS 188 in Coney Island on Sunday. Ten more were dropped off at MS 577/PS 17 in Williamsburg, early on Tuesday morning.

The Coney Island school’s headmaster informed families of this in a letter sent to them on Friday last week.

The letter revealed the institution had been selected to be among the emergency, interim locations that will accommodate people and their families who are looking for refuge in the city.

Influx of Migrants

Prior to this, they were reportedly sent to an old derelict schoolhouse on Staten Island. Migrants were seen loitering around and lying over green cots near the solitary Brooklyn gymnasium.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.