Schools Turning Into Drastically Radical Institutions

In an unprecedented move, public schools are now moving to conceal the gender identity of special needs children from their parents.

Shockingly, a law firm is empowering the schools in doing this by playing around with the law.

Special Needs Children in Danger, Parents Don’t Know About It

Teachers in public schools of Ventura County, California, received training from a law firm about the ways to stop parents from intervening in the gender identity process of their children.

However, this time Gender LCGB, a group reporting progressive practices in California schools, unleashed that this training also focused on changing the gender identity of special needs children.

Reportedly, the law firm gave various presentations of its radically liberal seminar aimed at the “practical framework” of changing children’s gender.

The controversial law firm Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP (F3) urged teachers to support the ideological, behavioral, and social transition of children without letting their parents know about the workshops.

However, this webinar was not limited to the average students only.

Instead, one section of the webinar was specifically dedicated to changing the gender identity of special needs students, which is the most worrying part of the whole episode.

In California law, a child can only qualify to be a special needs person if they are found to have autism, emotional disturbance, Down syndrome, deaf-blindness, and other such mental disorders.

Thus, law firms were preaching to change the gender of the students suffering from these sorts of chronic issues.

According to the presentation, teachers can legally conceal this information from parents under the California School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266).

The law mentions protecting the privacy of students is of “utmost importance” for schools. If anyone tries to reveal the gender identity of a transgender student without their will, it will be an outright violation of California law, the policy mentioned.

A Trap For Special Students

Surprisingly, this presentation was not delivered once, but four times to teachers; they were taught the “best practices” to facilitate the gender transition of students.

The executive director of the Foothill Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), Deb Rinder, noted these gender plans are not available for special students so kids should be kept away from these draconian measures.

Likewise, parents also reacted to the shocking news. One parent asked if there is any proper threshold under which parents would be informed about the changing gender of their children in public schools.

The parent noted there should be a minimum mental health level under which students should not be allowed to participate in any such program, as this is a life-changing decision.

One of the most worrying aspects of the whole episode is the vulnerability of autistic children to fall for this trap.

Reportedly, a child suffering from autism is 7.59 times more likely to be disappointed by their gender, which can lead them to change their gender without letting their parents know.