Russians Kill More Americans Fighting For Freedom in Ukraine War

(Pictured above are the first two American heroes killed in Ukraine - Stephen Zabielski, 52 (left) and Willy Cancel, 22 (right))

The Russian forces in Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine have killed two more American heroes who were volunteering to fight on the side of freedom and justice.

Fighting For Freedom and the Free World

The new American casualties in the war in Ukraine have brought the total number of US citizens killed in combat to four. Meanwhile, two other American fighters are in Russian captivity, where they have most certainly been tortured.

According to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Saturday morning, the Russian military lost 39,240 troops in battle.

However, if those killed by the Russian mercenary armies, national guard, and ethnic Russian Ukrainian conscripts are counted in, the total losses could reach 80,000 killed.

Back in March, the Ukrainian government announced about 20,000 foreigners have flocked to Ukraine’s aid to fight as volunteers against Russian aggression.

It can be assumed that at least several hundred American volunteers are on the ground in Ukraine fighting for freedom and the free world.


(Alexander Drueke, 39 (left) and Andy Huynh, 27 (right) are in Russian captivity and face execution. Seen here on Russian videos speaking under duress)

Four American Heroes Confirmed Dead, Two More May Be Executed

Two more Americans have now been killed fighting Putin’s hordes, according to reports, with officials from the US government confirming that to ABC News.

No additional information has been released about the two American heroes. The way they died and their identities are being kept secret, according to the report, “out of respect” for their families.

However, it is likely more information will be available at a later stage. The only detail about the deaths of the two American volunteer fighters is they were killed by the Russians in the Donbas region.

The Donbas region was first partly invaded and occupied by Russian proxies back in 2014 during Putin’s first and partial invasion of Ukraine, when he also seized the Crimean Peninsula.

There are at least two other US volunteers who have died in Ukraine fighting for freedom and the free world (pictured in the top photo above).

52-year-old Stephen Zabielski, a father of five and a veteran of the US Army, perished in May in the Zaporizhzhia region after stepping on a Russian landmine.

22-year-old Willy Joseph Cancel, a veteran of the US Marine Corps, was killed by the Russians in April, but details about how he perished remain publicly unknown.

Two American fighters are presently in Russian captivity: 39-year-old Alexander Drueke, formerly with the US Army, and 27-year-old Andy Huynh, a former US Marine.

Both are Alabama natives and face possible execution by the Russians. Their capture has been used by the Kremlin for propaganda, as they were forced to denounce the war on video seemingly under duress.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.