Ron DeSantis Sounds the Alarm About a Critical Matter

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to trend and make headlines for numerous reasons.

His leadership in Florida, his attendance at various events across the country, the release of his new book, and speculations that he’ll run in the 2024 presidential election are all driving this.

If DeSantis does choose to run for president, he’s likely to announce either later this month or sometime in June. Many conservatives have supported a DeSantis 2024 presidential run, citing his success in Florida and other endeavors.

Right now, DeSantis is currently making waves for a recent issue that he spoke out about, according to Newsmax.

Winning vs. Losing

During a speech at Iowa’s Sioux Center, DeSantis sounded the alarm about Republicans embracing what he described as the “culture of losing.”

In making this point, the Florida governor also stressed that Republicans must embrace a “bold agenda,” along with victory and strong leadership.

Likewise, DeSantis pointed out that in recent years, the GOP has struggled with losing. Though, Florida’s largely been an outlier in this, something that DeSantis also drew attention to.

Last year, when Republicans largely underperformed in the national midterms, the Florida governor won reelection by nearly 20 points. Other Republicans in the Sunshine State exceeded expectations as well.

More Words of Wisdom From DeSantis

Before his speech in Iowa finished, DeSantis warned that if Republicans fall into the trap of focusing on “side issues” or previous elections, Democrats will win in a way that’s hard for Republicans to overcome.

On the flip side, the Florida governor stated if the GOP makes the 2024 presidential election about providing a hopeful future and pointing out where Joe Biden has failed, then Republicans will ultimately win.

These remarks have furthered speculations of DeSantis potentially making his own run for the White House. Right now, time will tell whether or not that happens.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.