Republicans Will Not Drop to Democrats’ Level on Supreme Court Nominee

GOP Senator Rand Paul has indicated Republican senators will show respect to Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

Unlike Democrats, who never showed an open-minded approach toward Republican nominees in the past, Paul claimed the GOP will act wisely during the hearing.

Paul vows to show respect to Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

In his op-ed, Paul wrote soon the president would have an opportunity to nominate a person who will be entitled to defend the American Constitution. According to Paul, few presidents get the honor of nominating a Supreme Court judge.

Thus, the senator emphasized Republicans will respect whatever nominee Biden selects and the person will be treated with an open-minded approach.

While criticizing the Democrat Party, Paul stated Democrats have failed to show respect to the Supreme Court nominees of different Republican presidents, as they attended the hearings with a “close-minded” approach. 


Likewise, Paul claimed most of the Democrat senators decide not to vote for Republican nominees even before a single hearing or meeting. He referred to the nomination process of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, adding Democrats treated him in the worst way possible.

Just a day after the nomination of Kavanaugh, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer vowed to fight the nomination in every possible way, Paul continued. Thus, Democrats accused the judge of rape and sexual assault in their bid to assassinate the character of Trump’s nominee.

While lambasting Democrat Senators Mazie Hirona and now-Vice President Kamala Harris, Paul wrote both of them put unsubstantiated allegations on Kavanaugh. 

This prompted the mainstream media to join the party as liberal media outlets, including CNN, mentioned Kavanaugh as a rapist almost 191 times over a three-week period.

Democrats still assassinate Justice Kavanaugh’s character

Furthermore, Paul established that Democrats pushed the judge and his family into hell for three weeks; even now, they spread false accusations against him.

Just a couple of months ago, radical leftist lawmaker AOC tweeted Kavanaugh was involved in sexual assaults multiple times. Paul also criticized fact-checking groups for not labeling AOC’s tweet as misinformation.

While Paul claimed he saw a lot of political games during his career in Washington, accusations against Kavanaugh were the lowest level to which any lawmaker can go, which is an embarrassment to Americans.

Thus, Paul indicated Republicans would never play these sorts of dirty games, irrespective of who wins the nomination of Joe Biden.

The conservative senator continued, saying Republicans will neither scrutinize the school calendar of Biden’s nominee, nor will they accuse the person of drinking alcohol or committing sexual assaults.

So, Republicans will only judge the forthcoming nominee based on her character, experience, and knowledge about the American Constitution, Paul concluded.

Since Biden announced he is seeking bipartisan support for his nominee, different Republican senators indicated they are willing to work with Biden to select the most competitive person for the top court without any political prejudice.