Republicans Have Doubts on FBI Probing Hunter Biden’s Crimes

Hunter Biden is facing a slew of controversies, ranging from tax fraud to shady business dealings across the world. 

However, Republican lawmakers believe the FBI and the DOJ are not investigating the first son transparently.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson claimed the Biden administration will never go to the bottom of the issue in order to prosecute Hunter.

Biden Administration Conspiring to Save Hunter

Johnson asserted the indictment of Hunter Biden is still a possibility, but Democrats will never let the real news reach the public.

According to Johnson, the Biden administration is likely to strike a “deal” with the media to “seal all the information” regarding Hunter Biden. So, the American public “will never get the full truth,” Johnson added.

Liberal media has a history of undermining Hunter Biden’s financial misdealings.

In the heat of the presidential election campaign in September 2020, Johnson and Senator Chuck Grassley released a report which mentioned Hunter’s controversial business dealings in Ukraine, China, and other countries.

However, Democrats kept on denouncing the report and labeled it as Russian disinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Back then, liberal media outlets criticized Johnson for ignoring hot-button issues like coronavirus and wildfires and bringing up the five-year-old issue of Hunter Biden for political gains.

Similarly, left-leaning media claimed that the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has a lack of credibility under Johnson’s leadership, so it could not be trusted in Hunter Biden’s case.

Furthermore, the New York Post’s story of Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop was neither entertained by the liberal media nor by the social media outlets.

That laptop story turned out to be true. The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, ended up apologizing for his mistake of censoring the true story.

FBI is Unable to Probe Hunter Biden

Due to the lack of transparency of the FBI in Hunter’s investigation, Johnson believes the law enforcement agency will not go “to the bottom” of allegations against the first son. 

Johnson was referring to Grassley’s comments, who recently stated “highly credible whistleblowers” acknowledged the FBI is not considering even the “verified” allegations against Hunter Biden.

Instead, they are trying to bury the dirt on the president’s son by labeling it as “disinformation.”

Last week, Grassley, who is the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The senator reminded both of them of their “obligation to the country” and asked them to take immediate action against Hunter.

Grassley wrote that the FBI consistently dismissed all the allegations against Hunter ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Some of its agents even tried to mark the case as complete so it could not be opened in the future.