Republicans Get Very Bad News in Key State

Colorado Springs, Colorado has been electing Republican mayors for over 45 years.

As of May 16, that’s no longer the case. This surprising turn of events has the GOP a bit worried and shows how much American politics is changing.

Surprise Underdog Win

Republican candidate Wayne Williams was widely expected to win the race against Nigerian-born Independent opponent Yemi Mobolade. Mobolade, who has made a name working on the city council, had other plans.

He went on to defeat Williams in what is the first major mayoral contest so far this year for the GOP in Colorado. Colorado Springs is widely known as a conservative stronghold and the fact that Mobolade took this race has some big implications.

What Does Mobolade’s Victory Mean?

Mobolade is from Nigeria and showed up in Colorado Springs in 2010; he started up two restaurants that went on to get very well-known and well-loved.

He went on to work on the economic development area of the city council, making a name for himself in expanding opportunities and business in Colorado Springs. His election result of 57% of the vote is definitely impressive, particularly in such a Republican area.

Williams conceded soon after finding out the final results, congratulating Mobolade, but blaming the Republican Party for being too divided and not backing him sufficiently.

The current mayor of Colorado Springs is Republican John Suthers. Williams was running to succeed him.

Suthers has been in office since 2015; the mayors before him all the way back to the late 1970s have been Republicans.

Mobolade promises Colorado Springs will become more “inclusive” and “vibrant” under his leadership, which sounds like some typical left-wing posturing.

The Bottom Line

As Williams said, the GOP ended up internally divided with Republican candidates focused on defeating each other, instead of their opponents.

He believes that lost him the race and his party. Sound familiar?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.