Q Shaman Seeks Real Justice After The False Witch Hunt Against Him Collapses

Jacob Chansley, also known as Q Shaman, was one of the most famous figures from the January 6, 2021 protests (“J6”).

His distinctive Viking helmet, face paint, and tattoos caught the public’s attention. Conservatives found him funny, leftists found him terrifying.

He ended up going to jail on flimsy charges of rioting and illegally entering the US Capitol.

Footage from J6 shown by Tucker Carlson revealed that Chansley was led through the Capitol by police and he’s now been released from jail. Next up? Getting actual justice.

What Q Shaman Wants Next

Chansley’s lawyer William Shipley is demanding his sentence be vacated since he didn’t do what he was convicted of.

Keep in mind that Chansley was in jail for 41 months because he pleaded guilty, instead of contesting the charges and risking potentially even longer sentencing.

It’s now clear that not only was Chansley more or less framed as a scapegoat for J6, but his defense also wasn’t given all the available material to prove his innocence.

That should have been an automatic mistrial. Though it wasn’t, because the Biden-Harris regime that’s running this country into the ground only cares about weaponizing the justice system.

The Truth About What Happened

Alarms were going off; windows and doors were forced open in some areas of the Capitol. At one point, some protesters were allowed in.

Chansley went through the areas that were opened and clearly knew it wasn’t something he should do. At the same time, the amount of time he served in jail being railroaded without his defense team given the full picture is a crime.

This should not be happening in America and is a definite sign of the Soviet-like sickness that is infecting our systems via the far left.

The Bottom Line

Chansley is clearly innocent of the main charges against him. The media and the justice system need to pay restitution to this man for the horrific abuse of justice they perpetrated against him.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.