Putin Declares Full-Scale Mobilization over Ukraine War, Russian Men Flee

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant, Vladimir Putin, took a somewhat surprising step on Wednesday.

He declared full-scale mobilization of Russian men over his failing war to conquer Ukraine, an announcement that sent many able-bodied Russians rushing to flee the country.

It’s also raising prospects of unrest outbreaks and even an armed revolution in Moscow.

It Must Be Desperate Going for the Draft

So far, Putin and his regime stooges have been reluctant to announce full-scale mobilization in Russia for two major reasons: first,  fear of a revolution, and, second, Putin’s invasion was never supposed to be a war, just a quick “special military operation.”

As the Moscow dictator has been struggling with stupefying manpower and equipment losses, however, he’s seen himself forced to take the humiliating step of admitting mobilization is needed.

Little is now left, if any, of Putin’s original invasion force of some 200,000 heavily armed men who ventured into Ukraine from three sides on February 24.

More than 28,000, or about one in 20 Russian inmates, have agreed to fight and very likely die in Ukraine on behalf of the Wagner Group, Putin’s most famous private army, according to one recent report.

(Social media photo shows dead Russian soldiers in a Ukrainian field.)

Russia’s ‘Weakness and Failure’

In a pre-recorded statement, which was aired on Russia’s state TV channels on Wednesday morning, the atrocious dictator announced the mobilization, which he called “partial,” even though it affects Russia’s entire able-bodied male population.

The move represents a giant escalation in the war against freedom-loving Ukraine, as for the first time, practically all families in Russia are going to feel its impact directly.

In the same speech, Putin threatened the United States and its western allies, saying he is going to use “weapons of destruction” – construed as meaning nuclear weapons – and that he is “not bluffing.”

He also ranted the usual Moscow propaganda accusations against the “evil” West, which is seeking to “put down” an angel-like, innocent, and highly virtuous Russia.

Putin’s announcement about the full-scale mobilization immediately caused the Russian currency and Moscow stock exchange to fall.

Thousands, if not millions, of Russian men rushed to leave the country before the borders got closed and they got drafted as cannon fodder for their supreme chieftain’s neo-Soviet imperialist adventures.

Russian social media even invented a new word instead of mobilization – “mogilization” – roughly meaning getting sent to the grave, from the Russian word “mogila,” which means “grave.”

Barely minutes after Putin’s announcement, all flights out of Russia to countries not requiring visas, such as Turkey, Armenia, and South Africa had been sold out, as able-bodied men rushed to leave the country.

Meanwhile, Bridget Brink, America’s new ambassador in Moscow, declared on Twitter that the mobilization and preparation to hold sham referendums for joining Russia in the occupied parts of Ukraine were a sign of Russian “failure” and “weakness.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.