Pro-Abortion Congresswoman Arrested at Capitol Hill

The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has driven much of the left into a frenzy.

Even though abortion rights will still remain in any state whose legislators choose to leave it, the Democrat Party can’t stand the fact that they have lost an important Supreme Court decision.

The truth is the left in this country is used to having all the cultural power since the mid-1960s and leading up to Roe in 1973.

The recent case which led to the reversal of this precedent has them on new ground: tasting defeat.

We’ve seen Senator Elizabeth Warren shriek like a banshee and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez incite violence against the Supreme Court.

Now, another Congresswoman has been arrested.

Congresswoman Arrested on Capitol Hill

Congresswoman Judy Chu represents California’s 27th District. She is a Chinese American who was born in Los Angeles. She is 68 and holds strong views on abortion, which she considers a sacred right.

Chu went to a Planned Parenthood rally Thursday night to protest for everyone who would be “harmed” by upcoming restrictions on their right to terminate pregnancies.

Chu said she felt especially sorry for victims of rape, those who didn’t have money to get abortions in pro-choice states, and those having ectopic pregnancies.

Rape is documented as a very rare cause for those seeking abortions. Many companies have offered to pay for women to travel for abortions and ectopic pregnancy terminations are not an abortion.

Though as usual, the radical left lying about basic facts is nothing new.

Chu was arrested because she was illegally blocking the road. She was arrested by Capitol Police, along with 180 other pro-abortion individuals.

Chu’s Crusade

Chu seems to carry the values of Communist China, which made abortion a fundamental part of its system. This particularly includes forced sex-selective abortions from parents.

Chu is sponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act, which will make Roe into federal law and codification at the judicial level.

This law is already through the House, thanks to pro-abortion Democrats, but it didn’t get through the Senate. Republicans lined up against it and also got Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia on board to oppose this excess.

No More ‘Silencing’ Women

Chu claims she won’t be “silenced” and wants to get the filibuster ended so she can pass her act and get everyone plenty of abortion access.

She said “lives are at stake,” which is true: babies lives. Chu seems to think that this issue only has one side and assumes she’s on the right side.

This lawbreaking pro-abortion fanatic is exactly the kind of person the Founding Fathers warned us against when they created our system of checks and balances to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The key word in there is the first word: life.