President Reagan’s Attempted Assassin is Free From Jail and He’s Starting a Band

In 1981, a man called John Hinckley Jr. tried to kill President Ronald Reagan.

Hinckley got off a shot that struck Reagan in the chest. He also left Reagan’s press secretary James Brady with grave injuries.

Brady was paralyzed and eventually died, indirectly as a result of the shooting’s aftereffects in 2014.

Another cop on the scene and a Secret Service man were also harmed in the brazen attack.

Thankfully, Reagan survived and went on to lead America through a period of greatness, including witnessing the fall of the Soviet Union.

Now, Hinckley is out of jail and free to live his life as he chooses. He even recently gave an interview to the liberal media on CBS. How did this happen?

Hinckley Says He Has ‘True Remorse’

In his first interview since being freed from prison, Hinckley said he has “true remorse.”

He also said he’s undergone a huge personal transformation and is no longer the psychologically disturbed man who tried to kill Reagan and his team.

Although Hinckley says he doesn’t expect “forgiveness,” he’s wanted to explain he’s sorry for a long time.

The attack shocked the nation and also led to a lobby effort to crack down and regulate guns as a result of anger from the Brady family over Hinckley’s access to a weapon. Hinckley, who had ties to the Bush family, was judged not guilty in 1982, due to being insane.

He says he doesn’t even remember doing the attack; although he also says he doesn’t “want” to recall how angry he felt at Reagan before he shot. How does that work? He doesn’t remember or he doesn’t want to remember?

Now, he’s out and giving interviews on CBS. Apparently, he’s no longer insane, or how does this work, exactly?

A Miscarriage of Justice

The 1982 not guilty verdict on Hinckley was absurd.

A full 83 percent of Americans polled felt that it was a miscarriage of justice. It even prompted various states to update their insanity regulations so random killers couldn’t just claim to be mentally ill.

After sentencing for the criminally insane, Hinckley was sent to a psychiatric secure facility in Washington, DC, where he was then released on parole in 2016.

He’s now fully out, free, and clearly very happy about it. Reagan’s daughter, Patty, said she didn’t want him out in the first place and he’s a “narcissist” who isn’t truly sorry for what he did.

Hinckley is 67 years old by now and lives in Virginia where he hopes to be a musician in a band. He’s tried to have performances, but they’ve so far been called off because of worries about his security.

The Bottom Line

Why is Hinckley out and trying to play in a band? What is happening to America?