Polls Show Unprecedented Numbers of Americans Are Doing Worse Under Biden

A recent survey reveals an all-time high number of Americans believe their financial situation has deteriorated since President Biden took office. This is the highest number that the survey has ever recorded in its 37 years of questioning.

Compared To Trump

41 percent of Americans say they are in a worse economic state since Biden’s inaugural ceremony in January 2021, per a poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post. Only 16% of Americans say they are better off since Biden took office.

When that question was asked of American citizens two years after the election of the erstwhile President Trump, the results of the poll showed just 13% of respondents said they were worse off, while 25% said they were better off.

These numbers are vastly different from those results.

According to the results of the poll, Biden’s approval rating was 42%, while his disapproval rating was 53%.

When questioned about the impending presidential election in 2024, 62 percent of Americans responded they would be upset or furious if Joe Biden were to be re-elected, while only 36 percent said they would be happy or pleased in any case.

The same question was asked of Americans at this point in Trump’s presidency and the results showed Trump fared better than Joe Biden did.

56% of Americans stated they would be unimpressed or mad if he were to be re-elected, while only 43% said they would be happy or pleased.

Presidential Candidacy

Only 31% of Democrats and Independents who lean Democratic indicated that Joe Biden should be the party’s nominee for president, while 58% of the same voters said the party should choose somebody else.

Also, Trump did better in this area. 44% of Republicans and Independent voters who lean Republican said he should be the party’s nominee for president, while 49% of Republicans and Independents who lean Republican said the party should pick someone else.

According to the findings of the study, a hypothetical head-to-head contest between Trump and Biden would end with Trump emerging victorious 48% to 44% of the time. Even when the sample was restricted to only registered voters, Trump maintained his lead, garnering 48% to Joe Biden’s 45%.

Biden has not officially declared he will seek re-election, but he has given hints that the announcement may be forthcoming. Last Monday, he addressed a gathering that included Democratic officials and activists and said, “we’re just getting started,” adding, “I want to get more done.”

Trump is the only Republican candidate who has announced their candidacy so far. However, Nikki Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations, will announce her candidacy at an event on February 15 in South Carolina.

We need to call Joe Biden what he really is: a colossal failure. Americans need to do the needful and vote him out in the coming election.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.