Police Officers Collectively Bust Liberal Agenda

Police chiefs across the United States gathered at a conference in San Francisco, California to explain the misery of their departments.

Most of the problems they face are completely imposed by Democrats, including staff shortages and increasingly police hate.

Police Officers and the Misery They Face on Duty

In a 2022 Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) gathering, police officers from the most prominent U.S. cities gathered to discuss persisting problems in their departments.

Included in the most highlighted common problems were COVID-19, post-George Floyd murder protests, workforce shortages, and increasing violent crimes.

After the meeting, president of PERF and police chief of Baltimore, Michael Harrison, told Fox News that nationwide officers discussed a “myriad of issues” most disturbing to the police.

Harrison indicated the coronavirus pandemic changed Americans’ perceptions of the police.

Louisville Police Department Chief Erika Shields said many officers of her department are not supported by outside communities.

Therefore, they have to be supported within the department to ensure the efficient working of law enforcement.

Shields also established many people do not want to see police officers in their neighborhoods, due to the prevailing distrust between the police and the community. 

An overwhelming number of police chiefs belonging to Orlando, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City also indicated the recent changes in the judiciary system have transformed policing. 

Likewise, police chiefs complained about political interference in many domains, which disallows them to be neutral while doing their jobs.

A significant number of chiefs described the prevailing situation, which they face with potential criminals who are often disenfranchised from society, due to their behavior.

Negative Perception of Police is Rising

Similarly, the rising juvenile delinquency, which is often ignored by liberals, was the talk of the town during the meeting.

Police chiefs noted many young people get emboldened after committing a crime once they manage to get away from the criminal justice system.

One of the most pressing concerns of the police chiefs was staff shortages, which are happening nationwide, due to the highly liberal campaigns of police defunding.

Apart from the existing shortage, many departments, as per the officers, are facing unprecedented hurdles in hiring new officers.

The negative perception of police is not encouraging talented people to come forward and join the force.

This is prompting police to introduce sign-up bonuses to attract more people to the department.

While discussing the efficacy of the meeting, President Harrison asserted the problems of various departments overlap, but there is no one solution for everybody’s problems.

These sort of meetings bring officers from various parts of the country together, Harrison continued, which helps them create a sense of belongingness among themselves.