Off-Duty Marines Assaulted by a Mod of Teens

A disturbing clip shows a group of up to 40 teenagers brutally abusing three retired Marines, who claim they were only trying to prevent them from launching fireworks on a California beach.

Violent Attack

The now-viral video depicts the Marines, who were taking a vacation during Memorial Day holiday, getting pursued by the yelling mob as they go near San Clemente Pier Bowl, just before the weekend.

Hunter Antonino, one of the assaulted servicemen, told KCAL News they claimed to be Marines in the hopes the teens would go, but instead, they stayed. He says the assault just kept on going.

One of the servicemen was trailing behind his friends who started ascending some stairs. He was punched by one of the teens while the mob screamed at them to leave.

He was immediately surrounded by a mob yelling and throwing violent fists at him. Someone in the group yelled threats repeatedly.

The mob goes on to kick, punch, and trample the target Marine and one of his friends while they’re crumpled into a fetal position on the floor, with their hands and arms protecting their heads.

One of the group’s members used racial slurs while yelling at the men; the original sucker-punching thug poured an alcoholic beverage over one of them.

The violence only stopped in the almost minute-long video when a man and a woman rushed over and yelled at the perpetrators to stop.

Even though he was not visible in the video, at least one other Marine was assaulted as well.

Because there are so many suspects, this is regarded as an attack with a dangerous weapon, according to Sgt. Frank Gonzalez, who was speaking to KCAL News.

Victims Declined Treatment

The sheriff’s department reported all of the victims declined medical attention regardless of the attack’s apparent brutality, verifying the other males were Marines.

Antonino, though, told KCAL that he worries he may have experienced a concussion as a result of being “stomped on.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.