Obsessed Democrats Spit Venom Against the GOP

Democrats are showing their obsession with the Republican Party.

According to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Jaime Harrison, the GOP revolves around “fraud,” “fear,” and “fascism.”

Democrats’ Baseless Conspiracies Continue

Various reports are indicating that Democrats are likely to face historical defeat in both the House and Senate during the upcoming midterm elections.

This is promoting Democrats to launch a smear campaign against Republicans to get the vote of sympathy.

Harrison appeared in the show “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross” on MSNBC, during which the host showed him several clips of Republican ads campaigns.

While criticizing these ads, Cross stated these are examples of Republicans’ “craziness” in the November elections.

Likewise, the liberal host also mocked American voters, adding “millions of voters” are ready to put America under the leadership of “right-wing extremists.”

Responding to this, Harrison immediately told the host she heard “all the GOP soundbites.”

As Harrison called the GOP narrative a “hot mess,” the host agreed with the Democratic campaigner.

After that, Cross again seemed worried about the GOP’s rising popularity. She, once again, asked her guest why people are more inclined to see a Republican majority in Congress.

However, the Democratic chair disagreed with her, saying people do not want to see this at all.

He also tried to cover up the failure of the Biden administration, stating people think they do not have to do anything after letting one party get a majority in an election.

According to Harrison, no one can take a break from work at the moment, as a vacation from “saving democracy” is not possible.

Cross also reminded Harrison about the faulty messaging campaign of the Democrat Party.

With this, the Democratic strategist started getting obsessed with Republicans, as he kicked off his baseless conspiracies. He noted the GOP is “built on fear,” “fraud,” and “fascism.”

Not only this, but he ended up praising his own party, calling it the party of “hope,” “aspirations, “safety,” and “security.”

When the host asked him whether or not his party was managing to deliver the same message to the masses, Harrison indicated these messages “have to get out there,” and it can be “challenging” sometimes.

Democrats Not Happy with Media

Even though liberal media outlets are dominating the political discourse in America, Harrison still complained the media is not doing a good job in helping his party reach the people.

He told the host he was not talking about her, but some of her colleagues who are not showing the positive side of Democrats.

This is not the first time Harrison has been spitting venom against Republicans. In April, he labeled GOP senator Tom Cotton a “maggot-infested man.”

Likewise, just last week, he called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a “little devil.”